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[OC]: Creedite by SimplyDefault [OC]: Creedite by SimplyDefault

My gemsona - Creedite! Creedite has the gem at her lower backside, and projects a "tail" as a weapon! She is under Yellow Diamond and is an Ace Fighter Pilot.

Creedite is fun, quirky, and very cheerful. She is also quite nosy, overconfident, and very dense. Creedite isn't too fond of the idea of fusion, as she actually doesn't see herself as a worth partner... She also isn't too good at combat, but she is killer on a plane.

During the gem war, she provided tactical support from the air for the soliders against the Crystal Gems. She gunned down many, but one fateful day, her jet was shot down. When it crashed, some enemy gems grabbed her and threw her out of the cockpit. It was then she saw the destruction she had caused first hand; Creedite was always up in the air, and never actually saw the damage of the war up close before. She was horrified, seeing shards and shattered gems littering the ground. After this realization, she was poofed unu!

When she reformed, she later on decides to join the Crystal gems, but she still feels tremendous guilt because of the role she played during the war.

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioCommission info: Commissions Masterlist [OPEN]
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioArt and Character by me / TheShatteredParadox
itsmelon Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016
i knew who this was as soon as i saw it! ;0; it's been so long <333
poor baby... but at least now she is reformed ;v;
she looks great!!!
SimplyDefault Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016
Ahhh I glad someone still remembers her! Thank you very much! Expect to see more of her lame ass in the future!
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