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[CE]: Inferno:Styx Region by SimplyDefault [CE]: Inferno:Styx Region by SimplyDefault

"Abandon hope, all ye who enter...."

― Dante Alighieri, Inferno

OK! So Im so excited for this contest because we got to design a new Region and Traits to match *Q*!!! I really have NO EXPERIENCE with drawing backgrounds and what not I CRY THEYRE SO HARD //weeps... ANYWAYS! I hope you like what I have. I really loved Dante’s Inferno in High School and it really was an adventure, reading all about the circles of hell and the different punishments for corresponding sins. I was inspired!




The Inferno region is an underground river far from all other civilization. To enter it, one must find the Cave of Limbo. But be warned: once you enter... it is difficult to exit. Like the name, this is a hell of sorts, except there are no ghosts, no spirits, or visions who reside here. Instead, actual living Dextros are placed here for many reasons such as to atone for grievous and unspeakable crimes, to seek revenge on someone who is still living, or to merely linger because they plainly cannot move on peacefully to the afterlife. These Dextros are outcasts, and even those with Necrosis fear them. Royalty will do anything and everything to keep these Dextros contained, to protect their own people from witnessing the torment and suffering the ones from Inferno endure. Many Dextros say this place is a myth, a mere legend... But some know otherwise.

There is a magic barrier around the cave, to try to keep the living out, and the living dead in. This barrier is not completely effective though, as some Dextrolumas from this region manage to escape, and Dextros who do not belong in this region sometimes end up trapped inside for all eternity. Many innocent Dextros from the outside world accidentally wander in, and remained trapped in this nightmare forever. On the other hand, many residents of the Inferno manage to exit, tasting freedom once more, many of the escapees seeking havoc, destruction and a life of vice.

 It's subregion is the famous river Styx, one of the biggest rivers in of all of hell. A huge, towering stone statue looms over the river, weeping her tears of blood -Many people call her "The Weeping Siren." The Styx runs over thousands of miles, and in its hazy waters lie numerous fragments of bones of different sizes, belonging to different species. The dreaded had claimed numerous lives to those who have been foolish enough to try to wade in it. They say only the pure of heart are able to bathe in the waters, and be granted numerous gifts and abilities in the process. So far, the skeletons and decay that litter the water are evidence that not many have the pure intentions they thought they had.


In general, the Dextros in this region are very colorless: Most are merely Monochromatic. Some though display one other hue aside from black and white, and this hue is usually a dull shade of red, orange, brown or violet. Many who are still attached to earthly possessions carry around jewels: they dress themselves in necklaces, bracelets and rings to try to forget about where they are and the circumstances that they live in. Many Dextros in this region are also observed to be able to cry blood, and other non water tears (e.g. honey).



The boatsmen of the area. Charons row residents of Inferno all over the place because the waters of the River Styx are impossible to navigate by swimming. They usually wear hooded robes of dark hues, and ask for gold and other precious metals as a payment.



The grave diggers in Inferno either dig graves for the dead, while grave looters dig up graves to steal from the dead. There is an eternal war between these two members in the Inferno society, but ultimately it seems that there is but a tie between the two, as the number of grave diggers and looters are always at equal amounts.



These Dextrolumas are truly to be pitied: they have strayed from the righteous path, and are forever lost. They watch the crimson skies for the soul flares to lead the way home, but alas, the flares themselves have difficulty finding a way out of this Inferno. These Dextros who fall under this category usually carry maps and compasses, but in truth these items are truly unhelpful.



Some Dextros die but are unable to move on to the after life. They are given life once more to relieve themselves of their problem, or to fulfill last wishes, let they are unable to. Some are looking for lost lovers, others seek revenge against enemies. Some refuse to part with their precious treasures, while others live in fear for the unknown afterlife. In any which case, The Bounded Dextros usually have shackles and chains around their limbs, symbolizing that they are still bound to this life until they can somehow satisfy themselves.



Not everyone is miserable in the Inferno region: the Dextros who have been exiled due to tremendous crimes have been known to enjoy the constant havoc and mayhem. They torment the other residents of the area, forming hierarchies that resemble gangs. Each group have their own personal reasons for existing: whether it is to dominate and rule all of hell, or to find a way out of the Inferno, or other goals altogether.




Inferno residents interactions depend on their roles. Grave diggers and looters never get along, and are always in heated arguments. People of opposing Tormentor groups fight a lot as well. Charons are generally diverse: some are friendly and offer condolences, others are ready to push you into the Styx if your payment is not generous. The lost always ask for directions from any other resident, while the bounded usually just roam the wastes without bothering any one else.


Dextros who manage to escape Inferno are known legends. They try to live normal lives, but they still seem haunted by the things they had witnessed and experienced in that horrible place. They are generally very timid but try to mingle with others as there is limited, and quite hostile interactions back in Inferno.



The mushrooms that grow in this land, if any, are poisonous and pure black with tiny red specks scattered about them.  They were once a beautiful blue hue, with what seemed like golden embroidery lacing the mushrooms. They say that Persephone had not eaten a fruit offered by the king of the Inferno, but instead, she was offered these beautiful mushrooms! Now in present times, they are tainted, a sickly dark hue. These mushrooms melt your mouth.



Legend has it, that she was a Dextro with the most beautiful voice: she used it to lure people and down them for fun, like your typical sirens. One day, she had met someone who she truly loved, but had accidentally drove them mad, as she sang desperately to keep them with her forever. She now lives in Inferno, still weeping and crying out for her love and for forgiveness over those she had drowned. The statue supplies the river Styx, for she never seems to stop her tears from overflowing. Even though Dextros can swim in all sorts of bodies of water, those who try to swim across the Styx end up drowning. Some say that it is not because the river is of blood, but because the souls of the people she had drowned which are resting at the bottom of the river are disturbed, and will drag you down to the depths.


In the center of the Inferno Region's river sits a huge skull. No one truly knows where the skull had come from, only that there is no monster big enough to own the skull. Many are convinced that this is the skull of Hades himself. The skull serves as a reminder, that not even Hades himself survives the horrors of the Inferno Region.


The Inferno region is known for its endless crimson skies. There is neither day nor night in Inferno, no noon, sunrise and sunset. In fact, there are also no celestial bodies seen in the skies of the Inferno: there is no sun, no moon, and no stars. The odd pulsating lights in the skies are not the twinkling midnight stars: they are soul flares. These flares were designed to lead people back to the righteous path, but the residents of the Inferno are so corrupted, so defiled, that the soul flares themselves have gotten disoriented and confused, and have left their positions, distorting their map designed to lead to freedom and bliss. Time may pass, people may come and go, but hue of the crimson skies remain the same throughout all eternity.

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Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Art by me / TheShatteredParadox

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Dextroluma Species by Lunathyst
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