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[C]: Aesthetic Demons Adopts 4 (CLOSED) by SimplyDefault [C]: Aesthetic Demons Adopts 4 (CLOSED) by SimplyDefault

Round 4 because I need moneys 8)
If you're not familiar with my mystery aesthetic demon adopts, they'll come out looking something like these:
[Adopts]: Hanahaki Sadness by SimplyDefault [Adopt]: Soft Waves by SimplyDefault [Adopts]: Rose Gold by SimplyDefault

SET PRICE: 950:points: / $9.5

 1.) Witch's Brew CLOSED

Keywords: Poison + Charms + Liquid
"A witch who sells charms, makes potions, and reads your future of course! She knows anything and everything about the dark arts and runs a shop which connects hell to the human world."


2.) Sunny Daze, Sunny Days CLOSED

Keywords: Freckles, Happy bab, Flowers
"A preppy college student who wants nothing more than to learn, learn, learn! She loves reading books in fields and studying under trees. Hopefully her classmates dont find out she isnt human!"


3.) Cheat Code: CLOSED

Keywords: Techy + Neon + Cocky
" World champion of multiple online RPG games, this tech-savvy demon gal is pretty much unstoppable on a console! She memorizes combo move, and all her hits finish in a KO! "


4.) Stars and Void CLOSED

Keywords: Monochrome + Galaxy + Halos
"Monochrome demon babe who has been around since the start of time itself. She watches out for every planet under her care, and fashions new stars and celestial bodies from her breath."

Pls fill out this form:

1.) Username
2.) Payment Type (payPal/points/mix)


Please be ready with payment! Thanks!

Points and Paypal only uwu

Trade = ok! ; Resell = No!

Small revisions = ok! ; Big changes = No!

Commission info: Commissions Masterlist [OPEN]
Base by DiniZee

Art by me
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MrPurpleDork Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would totally get 4 if I had enough! (I have 5$ right now) 
SimplyDefault Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018
OMG I CRY!!! I forgot to update this it got sold already ; u ;! TYSM for ur interest tho Purple hehe <3
MrPurpleDork Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh that’s totally fine! You’re welcome your art is very lovely!
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June 15, 2017
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