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Untitled (For Sebastien)
I can see all the shades of water in the number Pi;
All the phrases one could say in a first encounter,
Every possible future for generations passed
One can find every written explanation
Of every nervous look, every touch,
Sensuality coded in infinity
I say nothing of his soul, William Jones -
He found more in a lifetime than millions have in years;
Irrationality knows my hidden tears
Tears, just like fabric, just like you,
Cloth or soul or eye they come and go like demons,
I can see them in the irrationality of the infinite
But silence - can a constant stream be silent just like us,
As our thoughts flow rampant, our hearts feel love
And all our silent gazes go unexplained?
Even thoughts and secrets hidden for lifetimes are coded into this Number
And we are far from solving the puzzle
It makes me wonder if Jones knew
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In Sunshine's Stream
It was the fourth time you’d seen me
And the first time you’d seen me
I was naked to you from day one about my illness
Your eyes had burned with empathy for me
But this time
As my last article of clothing dropped to the floor of that wood-paneled room
Your eyes burned with desire
We lay together under a layer of clear water
Romantic, I said
You agreed
Dripping bodies slid to your bedroom
And two became one
Joined not just by sex but possibly
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At Least Now I Can Laugh About It
I still can find myself getting hit by it
I feel like my insides are liquid and I need to hug my knees to my chest to keep myself together
I admit it
Sometimes the music is too beautiful
And I have to stop listening simply so I can breathe
But in those moments I keep digging
My soul already aches
                                        Like I am separating
My eyes are dry as my memory floods and I relax into the pain
I will not let myself fall apart any more
It's almost as if there are times where I crave the feeling of loss once I remember the taste
Once I feel the love again, the emptiness
But then the track shifts and I become solid once more
To forget again what is almost gone, if only for another cycle of the moon
(But damn the moon
My moon, my stars
No longer anything more than a name
And it still    h u r t s
The poems hurt, and the songs and the word
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wingless flight
rushes through my brain
my body is a nightclub
heartbeats pound
like the periodic pulse of music
deep smooth breaths
nitrogen (78.09%)
oxygen (20.95%)
equivalent to waves of ecstasy
ghosts of strippers dance
behind their collagen cages
my muscles tense, ready to pounce
fight or fly higher
the collective mass sways
focused like a hawk on prey
mind sharp, senses heightened
drums are smashed on stage
           human brain controls are amazing
           frightening placebo affects
           mind over matter

I feel like a bird
just from thinking about soaring
what would happen
if I let the pretty girls dance
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We were beautiful
Perfect and amazing, in love
He just had anger
But he was sorry
I did so much wrong
So much was my fault
He'd help me so much
I was always so sorry
I wanted to fix us
I tried with all I had
But I just made it worse
I swear I was sorry
I started to think
I made my own decisions
So he stripped my walls
But he was sorry
I tried to get away
There was fear in my eyes
He lashed out when I was down
Then he'd say he was sorry
Just wanted his happiness
I would do what he asked
But I did it all wrong
He said I should be sorry
I ran for escape
This wasn't my love
Demanded me to stop
But I wasn't sorry
I'm safe from the fear
Now walls stand between us
My mind still can see the beauty
Forever I am sorry
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I breathe this air.
heartless freak
I'm just another thoughtless zombie
I'm starting to believe that
that's what they all see
I'm just an angsty little girl
can't prove otherwise
it's not like i'm unable, right?
why don't I just work harder
can't make you see how every task is a marathon
don't even think of others
it's not like the pain overwhelms me
so I do everything I can to hide
i don't enjoy being broken, hurting loved ones
I just want escape
no way to make you understand
I'm confused
I made a mistake
That makes me a horrible person?
can't show anything
must not show anything
just a snarky child
because being my fucked up self hurts others
I swear it's not on purpose
You really think I'd want to feel this way?
I should focus on myself more
Stop caring about others
But then I'm just careless
everything would be better if I conformed
I try to be my own pers
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The Advanced
Density of stacked colors too high for visual penetration, you gasp into consciousness
He sings along to screams of youth, melodies fade to silence as he exits their limp broken bodies
His control is that of the dripping wet life in our supposedly protected forms
His tapered fingers pump your heart, creator of false security
Oil, acrylic, carbon-dated charcoal images smudged on skins to warn, call for aid
Even Michelangelo and DiVinci lack agility to cage what they, like us, have only glimpsed
Perched, a spot solely his own on my bedside, he toys with me as if I was a doll
I longingly stare at the complex child-locked brass doorhandle, neon sign reading exit
He remains glued to his favorite channel, watching his strangled puppets, like a child watches a candle flicker
Amusement from the hope sewn into children's fairytales; pitiful old collared figures desperately reassuring themselves they must be true
His shadow, visible only in certain inaccessible creases of the brain
Frequent laug
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Am I Lost in A Dream by simply4franki Am I Lost in A Dream :iconsimply4franki:simply4franki 0 0 I Remember by simply4franki I Remember :iconsimply4franki:simply4franki 1 0
they flutter down my throat
like moths
demons in my lantern body
pure control
more fragile fluttering
with their parchment powder wings
making me squirm
making my eyes roll
i love the moths
so pretty pretty colors
i can still think
want more
they dissolve in the acid
my everything disappearing
how many moths have flown
one two three
and world shakes
fall down
lying on floor
my world a blur
can't get up
spinning spinning around
no, no more
don't force these monsters
seven eight nine
to fly down my throat
don't want
i can't speak mumble
an infant
breath short
heart go quick quick
legs won't move
move please
body against me
can't think
can't feel
is this control
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Everything I've been raised with
None of it matters with you
But I will learn
For you
Everything I'm too shy to speak
I must
It's the only way to tell you
                                                   The world has been turned around
What I have never done
I must do
The actions that always help me
They don't matter
                                                    But I want you
Ever since the day we met
Your mind
:iconsimply4franki:simply4franki 3 0
How am I supposed to live
That what I think, who I am
Is wrong
How can I breathe
A life that is rejecting
Your dying wish
You say it is the only way
No other path
Will get me past the gleaming doors
But I do not believe you
You say I must believe
Because there is no other way
But the way you were taught
I'm on the wrong side
All you want of me
Is to realise what's right
But I won't
I can't
My opinions, beliefs
Are all my own
I may burn
And scream
But if that's the price of free will
I take it gladly
I do not want to ignore
Your last words
You wish I could change
Be like you
But I tell you
I won't
I make my own life
And listen to reason
And reason says let us be
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eM pleH
Speaking cryptic messages
Trying to tell you
But you'll never understand
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Bleeding Heart by simply4franki Bleeding Heart :iconsimply4franki:simply4franki 0 14
It's like slipping
Socks with no grip
:iconsimply4franki:simply4franki 5 3
And she told me that night
That it was the end
That I couldn't stop her
That I'd been a great friend
She was glad that she'd met me
Wished that I felt the same
And she prayed I'd forgive her
But she couldn't bear the pain
I screamed down the phone line
But it faltered, went dead
When I tried to call back
The line was busy, it said
Couldn't see through my tears
I tried so hard that night
But I just couldn't stop her
Never could do things right
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A shot
There are falls
There are downs
Pulling one away from life
at least
the life one knew
(or hoped)
but to the new
it shall be the same
there's still much to do
choices very much there
last choice
You're there
and there's people who care
Hang on, the fall is not all
It's a start up to
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I want to start out by saying that though people take conceptual photographs, it is not known for them to also be cries for help... I k...




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