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June 18, 2013
Hannibal by =Simply-Psycho
Featured by Lyricanna
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Painted some Hannibal fanart tonight during my Join.Me stream. :'D.

Here is the photo I looked at to paint his face correctly :') : [link]

Here is my Tumblr Post of my artwork if you'd like to reblog it: [link]

Edit: I got a DD!! Thank you all so much :'DDD <3 <3

Art © me
Hannibal (TV show) © NBC
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© 2013 - 2021 Simply-Psycho
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Hello! I found an art thief who steals other artists' artworks including yours. Well, this one actually. Please report on him. Here's his account
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Really awesome work. Love all the Hannibal stuff from you :)
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wow this is soo cool!!!! Awesome Love Love 
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I don't mind if you print it out for your wall :'D, but I do not permit the mass reproduction, distribution, or ale of the piece ^-^. As long as it's just for you and your room that's fine ^-^.
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i have no idea if that's ok for you,
but i really loved this picture for a while now and i got it on my skin as a tattoo a few months ago ( like 5-6 months ).
I hope that is ok for you and i don't make you angry with that, it just shows my deep love to this awesome art! :x i really appreciate it. Thanks for this Amazing Drawing
Simply-Psycho's avatar
It's ok ^-^! I just prefer for people to ask me first, but it's alright ;o;. I've had about 4 people get tattoos of this already ^-^ , haha. I'd love to see a picture of the tattoo if you don't mind sharing! I'm really glad you liked my work!
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Thank you really much!
Im sorry for that, i had it on my computer quite a while and didn't knew where i got it from.
Then i thought that it probably must be from one very talented artist from deviantart :p
and i was right! got it probably from the daily deviation thing :D
I just made my account a few weeks ago and now i wanted to thank you ^-^
Yeah sure! i uploaded it on Deviantart for you.

hope you like it!
i made a little change and edited hannibal out to make it fit on my arm, hope that's ok for you ;p
gonna put him somewhere else on my body ;D
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That's awesome! It came out great! ^-^
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yeah! the women that tattoed to me is a genius! :D
thanks for the compliment and also for this art, can't thank you again, gonna have this on my body for the rest of my life and im gonna wear it proudly :)

you are a genius sir.
Simply-Psycho's avatar
Aw, thank you so much! I'm a lady though, haha! I'm happy that you enjoyed it enough to have it for life! Thanks for liking my art ^-^!
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Uggggh I want this on a shirt
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really beautiful and dark.
Great job!
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wow, Really Wonderful! :-)
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