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I tried to do this as early as possible and boy am I tired for doing so but a lot of you have been super stoked about learning the theme. I hope it meets your standards!

The theme this month is Celebrating the Uncelebrated.

Every month, dozens of little known holidays go by completely unrecognized and uncelebrated. They've got to be feeling a little more than depressed at having been ignored so long. This month, however, will be different. You will be honouring these poor, unloved holidays with your plush creations. The holidays you can choose to celebrate are as follows:

International Literacy Day (September 8th): This years theme is Literacy and Peace for this all important holiday created to "disseminate... literacy awareness amongst world's illiterate community." Since 1965, this holiday has been celebrated worldwide yearly, each time with a new mission. Basically, if you're reading this, you really ought to care tons about this because that means you're literate!

Festival of Roses (September 9th): The Festival of Roses began in 1972 and hasn't lost steam despite it's totally unappreciated status. It is held in honour of some of the most beautiful flowers and is celebrated with visits to gorgeous rose gardens from dawn until dusk.

Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th): Here's a fairly serious one and an important one to boot. Of the 3000 people that try to commit suicide daily, 60% succeed. Some of us may have at some point been a part of the first part of that statistic - I'll admit that at one point in the past, I was. It was awful and I wish someone had been there to knock some sense into me. This holiday is all about saving lives and it needs to be celebrated.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th): So maybe this one's not all that underappreciated, I'm making the rules here. I choose what gets in and what doesn't and this one's a fairly easy one too if you like being literal with these themes. This parodic holiday started in 1995 so it's but a wee baby compared to most other holidays.

Elephant Appreciation Day (September 22nd): This one's another baby holiday - It was founded in 1996 in celebration of one of nature's most incredible creations. Elephants are amazing. They're intelligent, creative, and super gigantic. They've been star attractions in circuses, on TV, and in zoos. What's not to love about elephants?

Hopefully these 5 holidays will be more than enough for you guys to get your creative juices flowing! Now for the rules.

1. You may submit as often as you'd like  as long as the holiday you choose is from the list and follows all of the rest of these rules.
2. The piece must be created uniquely for this competition - no old pieces, please.
3. You must include a passage explaining why you chose the holiday you did and how your piece relates to it. It doesn't have to be too terribly long it just has to show a bit of thought.
4. If you have offered a prize, you may still enter.
5. You must obey all other rules of the group.
6. You must submit to the contest folder for your submission to qualify.
7. The deadline is September 30th!

A full prize list will be available soon. If you'd still like to donate, please contact me! If you are shipping items, please also let me know where you are able to ship to! ]

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy the competition. Remember to be creative and have fun!
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Hi, on behalf of #AnotherContestGroup I (~knittywitty) would like to list your contest in our journals [link] It will be added by the end of the day (latest). We are a super group devoted to promoting contests on DeviantART. Please send a note to #AnotherContestGroup about any changes to your contest, future contests, or other contests you are aware of.

You may note us if you have any more questions, but be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page first: [link]

Also, if you're low on prizes to offer, see if you qualify for our Winners Package. It supplies a journal feature, exclusive admittance into our gallery, and a llama from the staff of ACG if you meet the requirements and send in your contest results at the end of your contest. Please see our FAQ for all the details

Thank you!
:iconknittywitty: :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations:

P.S.- What a great idea!
SandFan's avatar
That sounds pretty cool though I will pass on the winner's package (I'm sure to my member's chagrin).

Thanks :)
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I am SO participating!!
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Oh awesome, this is a pretty creative theme. :D
Well done!
I'll come up with a prize and note you when I've come to a decision. ^^
SandFan's avatar
Sweet, thanks! :)
P-isfor-Plushes's avatar
Such an odd theme :B
The suicide prevention seems so challenging... I'll have to think on that one...
SandFan's avatar
You don't have to choose that one if you don't want the challenge of it :P

And I'll take the "odd theme" thing as a compliment! I don't like doing the conventional every-group-and-its-mother-has-done-this type things.
How are we able to submit our work?
SandFan's avatar
The same way you would submit anything, just in the September Contest folder.
When I tried to submit something, the September Contest folder was not one of the options, so I was wondering. :lol:
SandFan's avatar
I don't see any technical reasons why it wouldn't be an option... maybe you skipped over it accidentally? Try going on the gallery page and pressing the + on the right of the folder name or go into the folder and use the "Submit to this Folder" thing that I thiiiiink is in there...
Well, maybe it's just me, but I still don't see it available. Is the feature on for "anyone" to submit to that folder? Hopefully someone else will be able to do it and I'm just not doing it right. ^^;
SandFan's avatar
I checked before and it is. I'll triple (probably quadruple) check it again!
I see it now! :D
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I decided to delete it and remake it and I'm positive it works now! :D
feltieflaffy's avatar
When will the dead line be?
SandFan's avatar
Whoops, I can't believe I forgot that. The last day of the month :)
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can we make a character to a show or manga??
SandFan's avatar
You can make anything under the sun, just don't forget rule 3.

"You must include a passage explaining why you chose the holiday you did and how your piece relates to it. It doesn't have to be too terribly long it just has to show a bit of thought."
the-carolyn-michelle's avatar
Man, this is going to be so fun!
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