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les mis extended: take your chance

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My humble contribution to the #LesMisExtended cause! I had a terrible time deciding whether I ought to draw Combeferre or Javert, so I decided to take a third option, haha.

Info about this particular campaign here!

(I went with a PNG here because I figured it'd be easier to Photoshop in, but if it actually makes things worse then please tell me and I'd be happy to fix it!)
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Good Day! I'm one of Dan's helper on his official facebook page, we posted your art there and you may want to check it out, we gave credits there to you but if you want us to remove it don't hesitate messaging us here at devianART or mailing us @
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Hey, no worries! As long as you gave credit, it's all good. :) Thanks for featuring me, haha.
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thank you too for letting us share your work xx