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Warning, you do not have any rights to re-upload my themes without permission from me. If I find you have re-uploaded my files, prepare for a DMCA takedown notice and a report to DA. I have had some issues with someone recently who has not been following DA"s rules along with Mega's uploading guidelines and the user has been blocked/reported/issued a DMCA takedown. My themes will be back eventually so please do not just me a favor but for everyone else, do not re-upload my files without my written permission that is all I ask for!
Hey guys. I setup a community discord server to allow you submit bug reports, request and chat. I will occasionally tease things i'm working on.

Please Follow these rules and you will not be banned!

--------------- Rules --------------

1. No spamming.
2. Keep caps at a minimum.
3. Dont be toxic!
4. Keep language PG.
5. Do not bug admins.

------------ Join Now!! ------------ (New Link)
Well, windows 10 was a miss for me. The OS is smooth, however... Its theme capabilities are way to crippled for me to use :P   Downgraded back to 8.1 to continue to theme it. I will be going through all my themes and updating them to squash out bugs and to support higher DPI Settings. I have updated Luna Olive and Clearglass Aero Vista. For now on I will be uploading on DA and will avoid Ad links. Just Give me some time to update the rest of the themes to remove those links and Move the themes over to DA.  Good day!