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[Sketche] Simple Sheep by SimpleSketchez [Sketche] Simple Sheep :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 7 0 [AU] KaSuka AU - Midnight cuddles by SimpleSketchez [AU] KaSuka AU - Midnight cuddles :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 7 2 [AU] Expression Memes -  Kasumi Version by SimpleSketchez [AU] Expression Memes - Kasumi Version :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 11 2 [AU] BNHA Crackship - Mitsaki doodles by SimpleSketchez [AU] BNHA Crackship - Mitsaki doodles :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 9 4 [AU] Expression Memes - Mitsuko version by SimpleSketchez [AU] Expression Memes - Mitsuko version :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 8 2 [OC] BNHA - Saki Hitomi by SimpleSketchez [OC] BNHA - Saki Hitomi :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 8 2 [AU] BNHA - Greetings by SimpleSketchez [AU] BNHA - Greetings :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 5 4
[Literature] BNHA - First friend
She was sat quietly, just watching all the other kids run around showing off their quirks. Even the teachers focused on the other kids, maybe because they didn’t want any of them to get hurt.
All of the other kids were so much bigger than her, and in that case much scarier. So she liked to sit by herself, just watching- observing them. She preferred it to trying to make friends with them. Less stress of them making fun of her. She was the only one in her class not to have her quirk yet, Unlike the other kids whose quirks developed in kindergarten, hers had yet to show any signs of appearing. She was starting to believe she would never get hers…
She scowled and hugged her legs close to her, her little arms holding them as tightly as she could. Stupid quirks, who needed them? People just used them to show off and make fun of those who didn’t have quirks as nice as theirs. She rest her head on her knees, averting her gaze away from the other kids. No point
:iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 1 2
[DA] BNHA - Small bird by SimpleSketchez [DA] BNHA - Small bird :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 11 7 [DA] Broken Apart by SimpleSketchez [DA] Broken Apart :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 7 2 [OC] BNHA - Haia Asuka by SimpleSketchez [OC] BNHA - Haia Asuka :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 9 4 [DA] Hanahaki by SimpleSketchez [DA] Hanahaki :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 5 5 [Sketche] Pose Practice by SimpleSketchez [Sketche] Pose Practice :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 8 4 [TA] Hummingbird sketch by SimpleSketchez [TA] Hummingbird sketch :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 8 2 [AU] Minecraft - Sibling Rivalry #1 by SimpleSketchez [AU] Minecraft - Sibling Rivalry #1 :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 15 5 [COLLAB] A little tied up by SimpleSketchez [COLLAB] A little tied up :iconsimplesketchez:SimpleSketchez 8 2


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hi I am SimpleSketchez. A bubbly but socially awkward Lesbean.

I am a young artist and growing animator, and i am currently a college student, studying digital media and animation. I wish to provide art and animations for you to enjoy and hope that it brings a smile to your face. because that is my main goal when I make my art.

if you wanna do a collaboration or art trade drop me a note or a comment on my profile and we can discuss it! I always enjoy working with other artists!


:iconlynnesgalaxy::iconleesigalaxy: :iconbluebirdsandcanaries:
:icongeminine-nyan: :iconfracturedrealmstudio: :icongrimmixx:
:iconelizajay: :iconanfuna: :iconliliatura:

Nefarious Wife: :iconoddshoestudios:

:heart: these people are really cool and you should go check them out :heart:

find me:

Twitter by Th3EmOo SimpleSketchez
YouTube by Th3EmOo SimpleSketchez


im back home and have things to draw!!

got some expression memes to do and sketch up a few chapters!

if anyone else is interested in getting an expression meme or wants another one with another character go comment on here and i will draw it <3 -…

also planning on doing a few practice sketchez, asthetics too with my bnha characters. because they are beautiful and i love my girls

lots planned

beneath is a mini contest?

plus i have a character coming up! if you can guess her quirk then idk i will give you a few headshot sketch. small competition there ya go XD (im serious though if you guess her quirk/one of her quirks you get a headshot cause i love you)

hint: it was suggested a while ago when i asked for a quirk ideas (if yall saw that status post then you might know what it is)
So i took BluebirdsandCanaries suggestion to write last night cause i couldnt sleep and am doing the same again tonight because fuck me everything aches for some reason and i cant sleep again

And i have written almost 3 chapters for my BNHA AU ready to be drawn up for yall to enjoy, i feel very productive :heart:

So thank you birdie for the productive suggestion <3
Nyehhhh i miss my cat! Its so weird not having him sleeping on my bed all cuddled up. Weird enough that i cant aleep aha


ahaaaaaa im so bored and i cant draw
Gonna be at my dads till wednesday which means i have no access to drawing anything! At least nothing decent (drawing on an ipod is very difficult) xD

So if yall wouldnt mind sendingg requests on my last status so i have some things to doodle when i get back that would be very much appreciated :heart: :heart:

In the mean time have a cute picture of my cat sleeping

He a sleepy boi who gets mad at me for leaving him for more than a few hours aha

Filename by SimpleSketchez
Havent done this in a while :3

Expressions memes!!

Memes by SimpleSketchez

BNHA characters preferable if possible! quirks make it more interesting

this time its 2 in one. you get two expressions featuing your character <3


request one of your characters, and pick a single expression from the sheet on the left.


now ya'll know me, i love a good ship! who doesnt? then either use that same character ior a different one, pick an expression on the sheet on the right
Then also choose one of my characters out of: Haia, Saki or Nebula

my characters available for choosing:

because thats who your character will get a crackship with :D

for fun yo

(planning on doing a few of these so you can request maybe two or three different ones for each sheet? up to you <3)
COMIC IDEA (cause why not)

Haia sometimes trips over her wings likeshe did when she was young, and i imagine her flying, spotting some friends of hers. she goes to land and as she goes to take a step, she falls over (possibly landing oin someone and becoming a flustered birb) and someone makes the joke 'looks like you're falling for so'n'so' and then they all just laugh and fluster birb is flustered XD

I thought this was really cute idea amd imagine the friend group including touma and kasumi, or just those two and touma makes the 'falling for me joke' and they just laugh it off and hang out

might draw this later or might just write a chapter for it dunno yet
I rescued a little mouse from one of my cats, and hes so tiny!! I named him Hazel

I made him a small home in a shoebox and he really likes sitting in my hand.
Gonna let him back outside once my cats come in in a few minutes.

(Dont worry i will wash my hands after i let him out)

Filename by SimpleSketchez
a little sneak peak of an upcoming BNHA piece Im working on, featuring Geminine-nyan 's michiru and LynnesGalaxy 's kasumi

Snek Pek by SimpleSketchez
these two are so much fun to draw!! especially their hair <3
*pokes head in* psst..

remember Birdies rainbow obsidian and dragons breath opal again? those precious babies we haven't seen in ages?

I love them

okay bai *fades away*

if any of yall wanna ask me anything, anon or not just send me a question here! and i will answer on my twitter. it'll be fun



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