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Google IRL v 3.0 | Reign

By SimplEagle
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Google IRL v 3.0 | Reign

[It’s been too long.]

[[Zoom in to see full detail]]

[Yes, I have an entire AU of this.]

[Done via livestream on Youtube @ SImplEagle and Twitch @ Simpieagle]

[Please do not steal! You may repost with full citation only if you choose to!]

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Is it bad that I actually dislike the way the new one look? I mean I know there basically the same. Save for a few changes of course, but I like the older one cause he seems like he would be able to show more 'Emotion' then these ones would be able to. 
MantaDrifter's avatar
Dang this is good, getting real Skynet and Borg vibes from this image.
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Geez when i zoomed all the way i went to one of them and they are literally staring into my soul  ._. 
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google yellow

KiLlErAnTiSePtIcEyE's avatar
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... what Is the a dead dismantled Google? holy crap that's good
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... O.o is that...Mark in the background? And holy shit this is crazy good
DeathPanther's avatar
I think it's the old Google 0_0
Woosher5's avatar
yep it's old google cause he has a faded G on his shirt
Daydream-Silverbird's avatar
Wow... o.o I'd be surprised if that is the old Google...
DeathPanther's avatar
Because if you zoom in and look at it, it has a glitched out G. That or the others did that to it because it was far too corrupted and too unstable that it can't function right anymore so they tried to destroy it. 
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Also notice that his face isn't human.
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Yikes, it is the old Googleplier... and its kinda insane now that Googleplier has a bigger upgrade O.o
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Actually, I think they're the same size. The older one is torn up and a little away from them. That might actually be the reason. To make the old Google seem smaller than the newer ones. 
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This is Epic and Frightening!
DarkAdmin-E's avatar
Very awesome, as always Eagle :D
SvenWolfstrom92's avatar
awesomeness; um... why is the old Googliplier strung up like the Psiioniic?
Tiger610's avatar
:33< that comparison, haha
wolfwindflag's avatar
I love how the googleplier in the corner's all attatched to the wire
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I love this!!!!!!!!!!
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