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Old Plaster Stucco Texture 01

By SimoonMurray
Here is a very old and worn plaster/stucco texture from my texture library.
Full size:3008x2000
I hope you like it.
Image details
Image size
3008x2000px 4.86 MB
Shutter Speed
1/100 second
Focal Length
28 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Apr 6, 2008, 5:12:20 PM
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Thanks for the stock, i have used it in my latest photo manipulation. [link]
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Ohai! ^_^

I am finally done with what I wanted to do with it :D


Hope you like it!:D
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he looks very grungy indeed.
I´m glad you could put one of my textures to good use.
Your links to the other war pictures are heartbreaking. If only we would learn from our lessons and move on as humans we would be so much better off.
mowaie's avatar

Wow, that's a nice compliment. ^_^

And for the war pictures...yup, heart breaking. It sickens me to think those kind of wars are happening for stupid reasons; in fact, there's no GOOD reason for war.

One of my friend wanted to join the army but he totally changed his mind...he decided to do a little research on what was really happening. I'm proud of his decision, not to go. At least, he won't partiipate in something like those pictures.

Yes, we'd be so much better off. But you know, money is even more important than lives, for them. They don't give a flying f*ck.
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yes I agree. Making money from war is more important than lives in the eyes of the powers that be. It gets my blood boiling when I start thinking about it.
Like your friend I considered joining the marines. More out of curiosity than anything else. Thankfully my grandparents talked me out of it and I went to art college instead :-)
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thanks for the link.
Nice picture. I thought at first that it was a 3-d rendered image because the inner space and especially the back wall looks like there has been a bump/spec map applied to it. It was the slightly over exposed skylight which gave it away for me. I like it. During my first few years into my art course I was living in Birmingham (UK). Birmingham used to be a focal point for heavy industry and as a result there were lots of old/run down factories/buildings which I used to explore and take photos of at the weekends. Quite spooky walking around a massive derelict factory.
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Now that I look at it again, I does look 3d rendered. Abandoned factories are very cool/creepy.
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ooh, this one might come in handy as a paper texture in painter :)
*heads off trying to make it seamless*

thanks a lot!
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My pleasure.
I´m happy you like the texture and want to use it for your work.
I´m not questioning your skills in texturing, but I like making textures like the old stucco texture seamless.
There is a great tool in photoshop (patch tool) which you probably know. That is great in helping to make abstract textures seamless.
I should write a tutorial or two about it when I get the time.
Anyway, thanks for the feedback :-)
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youre welcome!
texture is already seamless and somewhat equalized. its working like a charm :D (i actually wrote in my to-do list to scavenge your gallery and homepage for more textures that lend themselves for papers :))
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