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I love creating 3D assets and I REALLY LOVE working with those assets and telling stories.  Long time ago I created a character and named him Brock Armstrong. My "Ready Player One" skin, if you will.  An amalgamation of Doc Savage, Hulk, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.  I started a story: Ultimate Fight which I basically finished but left at a cliffhanger.  I continued with the cliffhanger on the next chapter of our hero's adventure "The Martyrdom of Brock Armstrong" and then I stopped working on it.  The reason is this storyline needs intensive dedication in order for it to look good.  The amount of time and effort it requires from me is not something I've been able to dedicate to it, not yet but its always on my mind and it will get finished.  One thing I decided last year was creating a Prelude to give a taste of things to come and entice people to buy Ultimate Fight.  The price is dirt-cheap and you will show me you care about the project if you contribute to support it.  For a limited time I'm offering Ultimate Fight for free here in my journal.  BUT like I said if you want to let me know that this is work you like and want to see continued hit the madefire little icon linked below and purchase the chapter. 


Mature Content

Sgt. Armstrong #1 - Ultimate Fight by SimonWM

So I had such a positive experience cosplaying as Bane I wanted to do it again for January 2018.  Started with a very ambitious plan.  Was going to do another Bane, Thor and Absorbing Man, thought about doing Wonder Man at some point and even paid money for a custom made Wonder Man mask I've still haven't gotten, the lady that was going to do it for me got sick.  In the end just enjoyed the Con and cosplayed Thor for a brief time.  So here's my story.  Got changed on my car this time and when I was walking thru the parking lot to enter the con a lady with her little boy starts screaming "Thor, Thor!!! Oh my god, you are his favorite, can I take a picture?"  So I posed with the little boy.  Then she asks her husband if she can take a picture with me.  The little boy asks to wear the hammer so he takes it and says "its not heavy at all"  which I reply "that's because you are worthy".  Inside I took pictures with a couple of ladies that looked like college students and they both ask to take pictures with me.  I walked around the con and a lady stops and asks me where is my brother Loki.  Another guy screams hey Thor!  Then after taking pictures with different people I didn't have anything to take home myself so I see this awesome transformer costumed guy and I ask a third person to take a picture of me in battle stance going against the transformer. The picture came quite decent and is right now my new profile pic in Deviantart.  All in all a good time.  There is another con in July, will I cosplay? Who knows. Right now I've stopped weight training as I've been having cervical pain, hopefully it will resolve eventually.  So just concentrating in getting my projects out to DAZ even though I'm at a down time as far as my physical health but on the bright side my daughter graduates high school and just got accepted into her college of choice so big blessing our way, life is good!

Thor Cosplay1b by SimonWMThor Cosplay1a by SimonWM
It finally came the day when I decided to try cosplaying; before I'm too old, who am I kidding I'm already too old but I decided to try it anyways.  First I walked around the Con just to familiarize with the area.  Saw an older looking gentleman as Obi Wan Kenobi, so older people than me cosplay shouldn't feel that bad.  Another not so young lady dressed up as Glenda the good witch of the Wizard of Oz; good.  But I'm dressed up as Bane, freaking shirtless Bane!  Let me try to explain.  All my life I've lifted weights and juggle family responsibilities and a career and put all that in front of my love for bodybuilding, not trying to make excuses but multiple injuries and setbacks have never let me achieve success or a level of bodybuilding I could feel comfortable enough shooting at competing but cosplay is more relaxed.  So I wanted to do it and display my hard work, those familiar with my digital work know to me muscles are really important and there is nothing more visually stimulating, powerful, interesting and intricate than a muscular human body so of course my cosplay has got to reflect my taste somehow.  So shirtless Bane it was.

Went to the bathroom, had everything loaded in a small fanny pack, put on the boot simulators over my tennis shoes, the armbands, took my shirt off and scrunched it into the fanny pack with my glasses, put the mask on.  All the while humming to myself in the bathroom trying to calm my nerves while people would come in and out the bathroom as if anything which started making things feel more natural.  Someone I've contacted that had previous experience cosplaying had told me "just go with any costume that you like and own it." so that's what I did, out the bathroom into the Con, back up straight, chest out and walk with the confidence of a powerhouse and the first thing I got is a group of fans saying "Hey look at that top dog, I wanna take a picture with Bane."  so I stopped, took pictures, flexed "Yeah, flex it man!" they say.  Then a family goes past me and the father points at me and the little boy waves his hand at me and I wave back at him.  Then walking around glass walls in the upper floor a guy that is directing an activity invites me in, I sit down with the group and I'm joined by a girl dressed up as Teen Titans Raven that wants me to be in her group of 3 and another character from DC comics that joins us.  So we end up having some competitions and some fun including a tug of war, that was a Friday, I skipped Saturday and returned Sunday for the masquerade competition where I met several other people all in cosplay and all much younger than me. The Mortal Kombat guys who were great gymnasts FOR REAL by the way gave me some validation with their compliments on "the look"  saying it is convincing "you've got the height and the muscles", another guy says "that's the best Bane I've seen".  Then the Joker girl wants to take a picture with me which turned out great.  So very accepting crowd, very encouraging, no haters.  Overall a very good time.  Would I do it again?  Don't know yet, only time will tell.


Bane Colash by SimonWM

So after publishing the Hercules product for DAZ and the Nessus vs Hercules poses, it hit me that I've got this perfectly usable character that with some mild morphing could double as Brock Armstrong, (the superhero comic I started writing/rendering years ago-when Poser was still king.) Hercules has got the musculature, almost the size of Brock (Brock is a bit more a Hulk like character while Hercules is a tad more human size.) and great vein maps that I painstakingly worked for my DAZ G3 Veins HD product. But I've still got a lot of projects I want/need to work for DAZ, and my daughter is a senior this year so I need to pay a bunch of stuff for her, between the prom, homecoming, the senior's trip, etc. this will be a particular expensive year. But anyways back to Brock Armstrong, so I've got all of these new toys that I sell at DAZ but I hardly ever get time to play with. So again it started with trying to adapt Hercules to Brock which turned out pretty good. So now I've got this version of Brock Armstrong that can be used with Iray, the new nice rendering engine; so I did a couple of renders thinking that's it, gotta get back to work and then I thought, I'll try to make a panel a day and see if I can continue with the Brock's Prelude until I hit the beginning of the comic. And that's what I've been doing but the panels take a lot of work, and its getting in the way of my real job, real paying work is getting behind so sadly I'm pushing through the end trying to patch things up nicely so everything connects. I'm dying to keep going with Brock, I keep visualizing the story, in so many ways I'm Brock, these super strong characters I do, is like living a second life thru them, a perfect combination of my two passions superheroes and bodybuilding. Don't get me wrong I love to create for DAZ but living in the flesh of Brock Armstrong is too much fun. And I better stop rambling, its late, I've been working out particularly intensely lately, (no doubt Brock's inspiration- feeling like a beast at the gym), but I'm not getting enough sleep. So there, my first journal post, just felt necessary. So if the comic stops for awhile after the prelude is over is that I've put my productivity chains and back to reality but don't worry, eventually I will get back to it. For better or worst I'm afraid the life of Brock Armstrong will always be calling at me back if at least to escape for a little while from the everyday pressures of the real world. Thanks to everyone that tags along for the journey.


Image Cover by SimonWM