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purpeley landscape

Hi guys,purple landscape I did a bit ago, I have been away dealing with life stuff,work stuff,shitty stuff, still kinda working on it...

hope yee all doing great out there!

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I love the swirly sky the color harmony is amazing. 
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Hi there, this piece is stunning! Awesome work there! :D

Would you mind if our Facebook group could use it to write music to? Every person who has written music to your art will obviously credit you and include a link to your DeviantArt page, as well as a link to your piece.

Awesome!! Just want to ask if is all painting or did you add any texture?
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this piece is so poetic *-* cant describe it differently
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Those rocks look a bit like howling wolves!
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Good job gros
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It's just awesome how immersive this work looks
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Aw man this is awesome! Imagine waking up there after drifting ashore. I'd explore the crap out of that place! Great job! :)
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That's really lovely, could you share the original canvas specs?
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I think I started around 3.5k x 1.3k pixel something
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If they're any different to the image, that is.
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Very good. Good colors here u used!
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Great Work .. :D ..
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OH MY....Lovely

Harumi <3
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really cool one man !!!
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really nice, mellow and calming :)
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I remember back in the days I was painting something in this kind of palette and I called it "Surrealism wannabe". (I suck at painting due to little practice...) Conceptually though I think what you might be missing is some obscure life form up there...
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That's great, congratulations!
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