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its been awhile and this one took a long time but its a relief to finally be able to post it, hope you enjoy :)
apologies if I cant reply to all the comments I've been receiving lately, I really appreciate it!


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Your amazing artwork has been featured here! :hug: 
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Beautiful color scheme! Clap 
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You can here the clanging and grunting and feel the weight of the polluted air.
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What an atmosphere and color. Oh you got some skills. Beautiful!
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The warm tones are amazing, turning a slum-like environment look so homey. Also like the little story elements of the circus and kids chasing down a chicken. 
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nice futuristic shit ;p
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holy s***! ..and this is original?? lets say THIS. if i had a MANSION and thousands of dollars to spend, i would buy your masterpieces, first hand, and then follow the truck carrying them, in my bugatti, like a HAWK ..
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*~* omg.. so amazing... the colors are gorgeous!
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Wow, Excellent work, I really can't add anything to the praise you have already been given except it is well deserved.
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Oh my god. Your work is so beautiful. 

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You capture the light excellently.
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Whats the canvas size that you start with? I just made my second painting and I increased the size on this one to 1200x800...but I think its not big enough for details. I ended up doing some pixel art which was fun back in the 90's but my goal is to have results like yours! This piece is very stimulating BTW nice work!
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You have been Featured here:
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Absolutely beautiful. Amazing lighting, perfect composition, and interesting subject matter. Couldn't ask for much more :D
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The composition is awesome and the lighting is superb.

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love your style!!!
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Great composition and atmosphere.
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The lighting is looking good in this composition Simon =D Nice!
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