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Erythrura anerythrura



En'esil Lanaca - Kryptonite Parrotfinch - Erythrura anerythrura

 The Anun name means "greenest finch"; the colonists nicknamed this bird after the bright green meteor rocks Clark Kent aka Superman is allergic for - and the nickname stuck.

A bird wholly clad in an extremely bright shade of green only comparable by that worn by the green broadbills of the genus Calyptomena. Only the throat, lores, and a narrow collar broadening into a conspicuous ear spot are jet black. Unlike other Erythrura parrotfinches, it lacks any red even on the rump or tail, hence its specific epithet, which means "no red in tail". Instead, the tail is bright blue with long and pointed central tail feathers in the male. The forehead has the same shade of blue.

 A forest bird from southern Qëŧgħır, (India and Southeast Asia) where it moves in flocks. Despite its large range, no subspecies are recognized. For such a bright green and gregarious bird, it is often surprisingly difficult to see against the canopy it favours. However, it is not a particularly shy bird: small flocks accompanying White-naped Mannikins (Lonchura leucochlamys) often appear in gardens and orchards.

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