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When your wife is two metres tall...

Location  Woodmoore Forest have to get creative. xD

This is supposed to be shortly after the main plot of the first part of "The Curse of St. Valentine."
Johnny (who is already pregnant with twins at that time) and Norée decide to settle down deep inside the Woodmoore Swamps and to live there as semi-wild peerons. (Johnny grew up civilized and Norée comes from a wild colony of desert peerons, so it's kind of a compromise.)
Their home of choice is inside a huge, old tree (Norée effin' LOVES trees 😁) and here they decided to share a moment between its expansive roots.
And while peerons might not have actual weddings I imagine this to be after some sort of bonding ritual. Thus the flower adornments. ❤️🌸

They're one of my most favorite OC pairings and I love the outcome so much! Especially Johnny turned out so damn beautiful! I love my guys with chin beard, hooked nose and makeup. 😂 (Then again technically peerons aren't really guys, but yeah... their appearance is of male phenotype mostly. 🤷🏻)

Johnny and Norée are OCs by :iconmichaelsilverleaf: and me.
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You're very welcome!❤️😊, how are you?<3.

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I'm great. Thanks for asking. <3

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You're very welcome❤️😊:hug:, Great<3.

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Good morning friend, So Wonderful!!!!.

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Thank you a lot! <3

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Ahhhhhh I love all the little details and the shading <333333 :3333333 They're so CUTE!!! >____<

The background is amazing!!!!!

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Thank you soooooo much! T_T <33333333

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