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Drawing this was so much fun! Took me nearly a whole month, but I love the result.
Yeah, I know... I do fanart very, very rarely. Although it doesn't even look that bad. But... that's just me being lazy I guess. xD

If anyone wants to know how Kid's species is called - I named them Ilexx. They are venomous, lizardlike humanoids, living on the planet Punk Hazard. xD Oh, and yes, Law's a researcher here. ^^
There is a story that comes with this picture. Read the first chapter here:…

Music I listened to while drawing: Celldweller... all the way xD

One Piece and characters belong to Eiichiro Oda.
AU, idea, picture and of course the Ilexx belong to me. ;)
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Egal wo man es erblickt, es strahlt immer wieder diese tolle Atmosphäre aus ~
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Danke. ://3
Das war ja auch beabsichtigt. ^^
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Das andere weißt du ja alles schon^^
Ausführliche Kritik hattest du ja ;D
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I love Law's outfit in this! For some reason he reminds me of a Fallout character.
Very well done though!
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Thank you very much. ^^
Well... I just wanted to include the colors he usually wears. And lab coat, because... Law in lab coat is hot. xD
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This looks AMAZING!
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No prob, Phoenix.
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