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Let's meet for a bloodshake and a kill, maybe?

💝💀🦇"You know, we just met and you're kinda cute. Also I like the way you rip off heads, so... Let's meet for a bloodshake and a kill, maybe? " - Juliet. Probably. One time or another. 🦇💀💝

No, actually it takes them some time to get used to each other. 😂
Hawk hates the fact that his predestined partner turns out to be a woman (peerons are all of male phenotype, remember!) and tries to hide this recognition at first.
Instead he's grumpy and cold when dealing with Juliet. Who... just finds his behavior way too cute. (Yeah, as daughter of Reaper Death you probably don't even fear peerons. 😂)
Later on they probably have pink haired and red eyed kids? 😅 Don't blame me for the color scheme! It's all genetics!

I love them. I EFFIN' love how this turned out! I tried to put less effort into the lines (bc I hate doing lineart 😅) and also went for some simpler shading. Maybe this will be my go-to style from now on. 🤔

Juliet btw is our only female character until this day to end up in a partnership with a peeron. Tough woman. Hehe.
Then again... They're a power couple anyway. 😀

Hawk and Juliet belong to :iconmichaelsilverleaf: and me.

Oh, and yes. Hawk is one of two sons of Johnny and Norée from my pic before. 😉
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