(UT) Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach Ch18 Scene
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The nightly before-bed Sans doodle. More Flowey is Not A Good Life Coach by unrestedjade because it’s just that kind of a day. The future is now. 

Hopefully it’s alright if I don’t put this under a spoiler cut. It’s not as major as the other one, but it’s still my favorite five seconds in the whole story.

Haha, at this rate I'm just going to have a doodle for the other 17 chapters. :V

Undertale (c) Toby Fox
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sum18mymuffin|Hobbyist General Artist
*deep breath*
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xaandiir|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have such a wonderful style!! :0c Your use of colors is so simple but very very nice! I love it <3
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Zytrus|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Read everything at once... quite honestly from beginning to end sans got tortured quite well... Having the only thing he never would have to doubt, betray him... that moment was so damn heavy.. .
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AerialVenue|Hobbyist General Artist
What happened
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Zytrus|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Read the comic~ 
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Frostdance89|Student Digital Artist
aaaa i wanted to read the comic(?) (or is it an actual story?) either way, the link in the description won't work for me ;; can someone link it to me?
btw, this is seriously amazing! Your art skills are on point. xD
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SimonSoys|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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wiiabee|Student General Artist
Ayy, guess who just read the whole thing in one go??? ;D

Omg, this is a good fic. It's just filled with emotion, and the story is executed perfectly aaaaaa
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SimonSoys|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This fic broke me so many times... It's probably better for my health now that it's over lmao
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Ajehandra|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh... that was a heavy moment. Great job at drawing it so nicely!
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CQ-SkyPaint's avatar
CQ-SkyPaint|Student Digital Artist
I love this story XD so much feels
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fazzycaz's avatar
stop please I can't take a sad sansy
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NokotaSilver|Hobbyist General Artist
OHHH I've read this fic! Twice! It's one of the best, and completed!
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Shadowalli|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i still need to read this
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GalacticJewels|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my god so I saw this a few days ago and checked out the story. I just finished reading this fanfic and came back to this and it has made me cry really hard and I can't stop send help 😂😭
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Araceku|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"the point of no return..."
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OpalescentArtist|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it bad that I remember this one? And how terrible I felt reading it? ;~; Y'really captured the feels here.
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WingsOfASong|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh man, this scene killed me. Of course, the entire fic kills me, but this one in particular was super painful.
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MyBrightDestiny's avatar
MyBrightDestiny|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Reading this right now! Currently on chapter 19. This one scene broke me... :'(
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mister-eeg's avatar
mister-eeg|Hobbyist Artist
*You see the skeleton depressed.


*You read the fanfic.

*Through this scene, you stopped.

*You cannot take the feels anymore.

*You felt your heart crack into halves, and split into many pieces.
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WhiteWolfTamer|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Basically me during most of the fan fic
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ScitScatArt's avatar
ScitScatArt|Professional Digital Artist
OMG this scene man ;-;
I literally felt so many horrible feelings in that fanfic. It's never gonna leave until the fanfic ends ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;
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Starangel9's avatar
You are the reason I started reading this fanfic. No regrets, just many feelings.
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