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Would You Run

So This could be seen two ways.
on the one hand, yes, they may well be invading...
but on the other hand, has anyone ever considered just how odd our cultures way of gripping each other is a bit odd?
cuddles, handshakes... our culture is obsessed with grabbing one another!
what if artificial smoke and appearing in massive numbers all around you is their way of saying hello? perhaps they just dont want you to touch them and infect them with your human diseases?
what if the ways in which they contact us are in fact for THEIR PROTECTION from a volatile, highly contagious, and overall barbaric species that nontheless they really wanted to help?

would you run ?

(C) Simon Park 2012

*drawn as a practice run for a misty piece i have promised to do dyasmita..
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Attempt to strike up a conversation about nothing in particular.

Everything's okay if they tell me they also thoroughly enjoy Gorillaz but also thought Plastic Beach was a bit of a letdown.

Everything's okay if they, failing to comprehend our culture or language, impulsively gather and produce clouds of artificial smoke. Humans would do the same. :weed: (Universal language? What is weed like on Gliese 581?)

Everything's NOT OKAY if any of the following happen:

(1) Dissection.
(2) Devouring.
(3) Inter-species crossbreeding, consensual or no.

That goes for either side.
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agreed. thats the sort of well thought out response i was hoping for... honestly, most people these days have no sense of adventure whatsoever.
and i get you on the either side part; members of mankind are worse in some respects than anything alien horror films have even been capable of showing.
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True, what if "War of the Worlds" had been told in reverse, and it was humans "invading" Mars?

If any of list items 1-5 should occur, I'd say that we're justified in THROWING THE CHEESE. :noes::cheese:

:XD: I just really love those asdfmovies. There's a NEW one out now! asdfmovie5!! *gets paid by TomSka*
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and of course for all we know our species is already throwing its weight around in space...
ever heard of operation star wars? nasa even admits it exists now, though they are shady about the details... we have a lot of off-world astronauts already on file; info given to the world by the whistleblower Gary McKinnon at great cost to his own life. usa are trying to extradite him to the US from england... and the only info he got... regarded offworld personnel. interesting... i can send you the link to his interview with project camelot if you like, its easily available on youtube for now.
i stopped watching films a while back, but i get what you mean. the public media portrays aliens as foul, slimy creatures that either lay eggs in you or wanna stick things up our bottoms...which is idiotic, really, for a race that can travel the distance of a galaxy in moments. they could just pop the probes in there at lightspeed if they wanted. hollywood just lives for sensationalism.
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Link me, I'll check it out, sounds intriguing.

I can't be sure since I haven't seen it, but I think the plot of "Prometheus" might be along those lines, a sort of "we invaded first" scenario. But it is directed by Ridley "Has Metroid End-Boss Named After Him" Scott who directed a movie about every alien stereotype you just mentioned, so....

:shrug: I stopped watching films around a year ago due to lack of funds/friends. :|
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its 40 minutes long, but very interesting!
i always find it intriguing to see the interviews taking place, as through body language you can see what they are not saying too:nod:
i too have barely any friends in life... but most people arent worth the effort, so no worries there:evillaugh:
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No time to watch now but I'll bookmark it. thanks!

You always say the most epic things. :mwahaha:
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cant help it, once you have died on the operating table, been brought back, and walked the spirit realm through meditation for as long as i have and had to keep coming back to this world everything else seems small time. life is trivial and only lasts a moment compared to everything else.
time doesnt exist on the other side.

on the other hand, thats a real bonus when i see those idiots that are out there... and i can think to myself how meaningless their entire life will be, sitting in front of a tv drinking beer for the next forty years, before being spat out painfully when they die of a heart-attack and being like "awww, shit! i missed the point entirely, now i gotta try again!!"
as far as im concerned, buddhist monks are letting themselves down too though by not laughing when the village bully falls over.
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(4) Freaking right the heck out
(5) Slaughter (be it by ray gun, regular gun, or well-thrown chunk of cinderblock.

(6) Someone THROWS THE CHEESE. :noes::cheese:
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I... might see if we could talk. The big one has cute eyes. :)
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sent you a note:)
yeah, i was going for a look that mixed sheer pant-filling terror with how else it might look to an outsider.. say, someone not afraid of aliens;-)
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:XD: No... I might see if I could talk to the aliens. Then again, as long as they didn't jump out of the shadows, I wouldn't be scared.
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good response, well thought out. though even in the case of jumping out on us, perhaps that is their way of saying hello :XD:
im only kidding... mostly.
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If that's the case, a frightened reaction, even a wild, scared punch, might actually be forgiven by them. I mean, how often has that video of the kid punching the haunted house mask guy been transmitted? :XD:

"Dude... I'm so sorry..."
"That's okay. It's why we evolved without nose bones and cartilege."

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yeah everyones seen that vid.... great quote to go with it!
if they really are understanding and all loving then im sure they would get over it:)
funny thing, one of my encounters involved something similar.
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That is good news. :)
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like i have mentioned previously, i have had my own close encounters. im trying to get people to think deeper than what initial responses may be..
but by no means is punching something that springs out on you the wrong thing to do! it has saved many indian peoples from being eaten by tigers.
getting punched on the nose is a sure fire way of being put off your attack.
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Here's how I see it:

The human race is fundamentally good. No matter how much hatred people act upon, that nature of "good" can absolutely NOT be erased. We were created based on good and kindness and selflessness and our race as a whole will remain so until it is gone forever. You always hear about people being born with a "purpose" or even if they aren't born with a purpose, they feel drawn towards a certain goal or cause. However, you never hear someone say "I feel that my soul's purpose is to make a shitload of money for no one's benefit but my own" or "I feel that my life's purpose is to commit as many hate crimes as possible." It's always something like caring for the sick or even just opening a bookshop that might give a small town the economic stimulation it needs to stay afloat financially. Our very souls are selfless creations. Whenever a human being or group of human beings causes or cause darkness, ten times that many -- AT LEAST -- flock to extinguish that darkness with light.

Basically, I think aliens have been here for thousands of years. I think they have been here since the beginning of time, or at least of the human race. Honestly, I think they know us backwards and forwards, and I don't think they have ever for a single minute doubted that we are a fundamentally good race, because they know for a fact that we are. There is a quote from the movie Stardust that I think goes something like:

"I know a lot about love. I've seen it, centuries and centuries of it, and it was the only thing that made watching your world bearable. All those wars. Pain, lies, hate... It made me want to turn away and never look down again. But when I see the way that mankind loves... You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful. So yes, I know that love is unconditional."

I think that's how they feel about us. I know I feel that way. The reason they haven't come out into the open is because it would cause absolute chaos, and they don't want to see us reduced to that kind of hatred anymore than we have to be to grow and learn as a race. Basically, I think they've been guiding us along and helping us. They're sort of like guardian angels. Everytime I look at the stars, I thank them, even though I don't know if they can hear me or not. They are to be thanked; I think they've saved our asses on several occasions, and not just in the sense that we haven't died out as a race yet, but also in the sense that we haven't let the goodness in us lie dormant. Darkness hasn't taken over the whole world, yet, so I think there's something to be said for that, and I think they've helped us prevent that from happening. They are much older and much wiser than us, but they are also our patient teachers, helping us attain that wisdom, as well.
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your approach is by far the wisest i have ever heard in response to this question, one i have posed to many people over the years.
Of course there will be "good" aliens and "bad" aliens, life is nothing without chaos, but moreover in this time of change in our world i do feel people are too ready to start up an intergalactic war over something as small as them wanting to say hello.
the evidence is everywhere that they have been here for millions of years, and also that our human genome itself was manipulated very early on, seperating us from our cave dwelling cousins. we are the only creature with "twisted" nuclear DNA, and that is a direct link to how genomes are spliced. human beings are only just now beginning to understand how to do such things... couple this up with the quantum physics measurement problem
(in which we have discovered oficially that unless something is being watched, it does not exist as solid matter) with which we are slowly but surely figuring out what some of us have already been given from higher sources - that reality is a dream and we are the imagination of a great single mind, a fractal mind that peoples its own universe with its thoughts...good, bad and ugly, but all from the same source...thus the god complex most people on earth suffer from.
of course we must use discretion, if you see a predator running toward you with a huge blade in its claws, i wouldt suggest waving and saying hello to him...but i think personally life should co exist with life, not always suffer this complex of warlike mentality..
very wise ma'am. :huggle: to you for being open enough to speak your mind.
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Thanks! It's what makes sense, if you ask me.

Also, you say that they've mutated our DNA -- but my thoughts about that are that they would have wanted us to grow on our own and to evolve as a species like they did, their whole point of helping us. I personally don't think they would have altered our DNA just because that seems like it would be the equivalent of giving a friend the answers to a test -- completely counterproductive -- but for all I know, it's a huge possibility.

Also, I really appreciate that you take this seriously. So many people I talk to are like "LOL aliens. XD That's so funny." and I'm like "yeah...hilarious...-except totally not because I totally believe in them-" XD
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Well, the dna mutation makes sense since we are the only known species with nuclear dna, the type that twists in such a fashion... and if you know the verbal traditions of ancient tribes they all also tell how we were made from a mixture of two species, implemented by "the gods"..
i dont think it is like giving answers to a test though as what has been done has hindered us, it stopped us from being as psychicly active as we once were. we werent supposed to be friends in the beginning, you see. we were just a work force with apposable thumbs. but when we began to philosophise and show that we are every bit as intelligent their agendas changed, and they split their minds over what they should do. some thought we had become too big mentally to be tolerated, while others thought we were a wonderful new species, with a right to live like everything else.
its like the old saying from the jurassic park film..
we created it, we patented it, we own it. the fact that it is intelligent or mighty makes no difference... but others of the same race were falling in love with humans, or caring for them like a father, as krishna did.
or this is how it appears to me, of course. history is a long and complex series of events that there is no real proof of either way, just what modern people think of what they find.

and i have to take it seriously, i was abducted repeatedly as a child and had a lot of the world explained to me by greys.
my experiences were nourishing and beautiful, and very unlike the popualr media version (they stuck something in his butt and they hate us) which to me sounds a lot more like what humans would do.
when you come from that background its kinda hard not to look at it like i do. they explained genetics and gene manipulation to me as a child and i had no idea what they were on about... now im learning quantum physics and biology and can understand it because they told me about these things in laimans terms:)
:iconbizkit66: also holds this topic very seriously, and did before she even knew of my childhood scenarios. the more you look, the more you find, and with so much evidence that the greys are here to prompt peace, its only by paying attention to mainstream media like x-files that anyone thinks they know anything about greys.
and to not believe in aliens is to say we dont believe in life. we cant exist if there isnt anything else out there. if there is one there is all. and if they still dont listen remind them that there are shrimps that live at the bottom of the ocean MADE of sulphur. they are literally made of sulphur like we are made of carbon!
dont believe - what a joke lol
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That version makes sense, then. I didn't quite get what you were saying about it. :)

Really? That's interesting! So why do they abduct? (I mean, I know it's not to harm anyone.)

Yeah, with all the life we ALREADY know about, nothing is ridiculous.
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they abduct for a few different reasons... some are obviously for organ stealing or dna filing, others because the person needs to be changed from their life's course.. some are undoubtedly bad but others are also undoubtedly good. generally speaking everyone thinks they are doing what is needed for the greater good.
glad you can understand my standpoint:)
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Good, bad, just like us.
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