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Stranger Between

By simonovikis
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Ha Ha, I lone the cat in here! You do realize there's a long tradition of including animals in paintings of the nude figure?
Fantastic shot! And it's even square (my favorite format).
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Congratulation. This wonderful work was the winner of our "A-Cup-Club-Contest "Best out of 10". We moved the image to the "Best of..." folder. :dance: :dance: :dance:
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Θεϊκή... χίλια μπράβο!
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there are three shots here which are so emotive and evocotive of
Paris in another time the contrast mentioned elsewhere does not detract but adds atmosphere
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that was the intention indeed, thanks very much :)
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Fantastic model in a fantastic shape - the contrast spoils it for me though, it is way too low. I took the liberty to experiment on this one and it profits enormously from a slightly increased contrast. I know there is a white out towards the balcony but that is what happens when taking pictures inside against bright daylight and I would have sacrificed the exterior view for more detail on your model. My 50 cents.

Otherwise still a great picture! Thank you for showing!

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I know what you mean, it looks a bit flat but there is a lot of localized contrast even though it doesn't show a first look. Thanks for your point of view :)
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You are welcome. ;)
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Waw! Beautiful girl... Nice shot!
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Beautiful image!!!
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Excellent work. Nice play with shadows/natural lighting.
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luv the ambiance of this wonderful image :)
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You're so gorgeous. Love the pussycat.
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I am just the photographer :)
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