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I was ambling through the town centre, about to schlep homeward when I remembered a decision I had made yesterday.  I had decided to get my beautiful niece some flowers, semi inspired by Valentine's Day, but mainly as she has recently managed to break her wrist.  The gentle schlep stuttered to a halt as the brain cell got redirected to work out where there was a florist.  A quick mental review of the nearby shops failed to unearth any I knew of and I was beginning to make muttering sounds when I noticed some police knocking down a PR-type display and so I decided to do what we have all been told to do, "when in trouble, ask a policeman".
I strode toward them and one, a young PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) as it turned out turned toward me and let out a hearty "hello, sir!"  After a quick look behind me in case I asked him, "how's your local knowledge?"
He broke into a broad smile and replied, "excellent, sir!"  I nodded in appreciation and asked, "where's the nearest florist?"
He then broke into a set of stuttered "um it's, er, well, it's ..." sounds of confusion whilst his colleagues, some PCSOs and also some real police broke into guffaws of laughter and half of them combined that with pointing at the hapless chap.
That said, he plucked victory out of the fires of defeat with great aplomb.  Not only did he decide to consult PC Google, he also inquired which way I was walking home so he got a shop in the right direction, and came up with a good solution, even to taking me to a map and walking me through the roads needed to get there.
As is usually the case, my parents were right, "in case of trouble, find a policeman".  The police and PCSOs are often derided but as and when they can actually put warm bodies out and about I have ever found them to be decent people - apart from, maybe, the git who did me for speeding many, many years ago!
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DivaMakeup Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
hahah This is a really cute and fun story. :) Given all the bad stories in the news about police it's good to remember there are good ones out there too. :)
SimonJM Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
Like all walks of life there are good and bad, but as ever the bad, sadly, tend to overshadow the good; you very rarely hear a news story about a policeman doing a good thing.
DivaMakeup Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018
Sadly people tend to reward bad behaviour by focusing on it much more. We can't really blame the news for talking more about the bad stuff, when that's what more people "tune in" for. I'm sure if positive stories where more watched and "clicked on" by people, the news organizations would put more of them out - since views and clicks are what makes them money. For some reason, humans (generally speaking) seem much more fascinated by the negative than the positive. I try to give my views and ratings to the positive stories though. I think it's important to balance out all that negative that's thrown around these days. :)
SimonJM Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018
It's a hard balance - for news organisations 'man helps granny across busy road' has less traction than '12 car pile-up caused by granny crossing road'. I'd rather it was not so, but it seems to be the human condition. Outside of the 'official media' It'd be nice to see more balance between good and bad news, maybe even a bit more on the good side.
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