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Worked out ok in the end

DS46P, no postwork
Thw two collapsed Genesis figures posed using Torqual's Unconcious V4 poses and fine-tuned.
A finale (maybe!) to what started with What queue is this? by SimonJM

As the dust settles the eventual winner sits smug and happy whilst the losers react with various amounts of dignity and sang froid ;)

For the lovely :iconorchid22:
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As you can see this is the next batch of comments, only about 40 or so more to look at.
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LOL, cup of tea and a biscuit and keep going! :)
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Oh wow morning I needed this laugh and right on Que here you are. I am going to hospital for some prep work for the treatments and the timing on this could not have been better dear friend. Thank you.

Pointing out the I survive this bed bath? Ha ha...sackman has met his match :) :heart: :clap: :love:
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I have a suspicion the bed bath may take a while ... and being a nice hessian full of stuffing li'l sack boy would make a good, impromptu loofah.  But, he is also an innocent wee thing, so I think that all things considered the outcome would be a score draw :)
Glad it made you laugh, that was the sole motivation and requirement, so job done! :hug:
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Well, it did make me laugh and it was the first thing I saw in the morning. Thank dear Simon...everyone but me knew it was samedi. A loofah? Where do you get this from...:giggles: again. :clap: Laughter the very best medicine! Thanks from my heart :heart: :cuddle: :huggle:
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Doesn't everyone know what a loofah is?  What do they teach you young'uns in schools these days? ;)
I think laughter being the best medicine is, apart from being right for a lot of cases, may be PR from surgeons to back up them having you in stitches ... ;)  Of course I know have an idea for another finale to this short series! :)
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I know what a loofah is..every girl does. Just never had one with arms, know. A seeing loofah...hmmmmm???????? At least he couldn't say what he saw ;)  I'm liking the PR angle...:giggle: Oh no..not more laughter. Gee at this rate I'll be well in no time :) :heart:
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A gentlemen never tells ... even one made of hessian ;)
We'll get you well, never you fear :glomp: even if it does mean having to give up the bed-bathing rights ;)
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Still laughing..silly man :giggle: :clap:
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It was Samedi all the time, I knew it :paranoid: :D
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But of course, the fix was always in ... ;)
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The best way to be! :)
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