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Sari seems to be the hardest word

DS4P, no postwork.

Mec4D's sari, again!, still stuck in DM's Zahir Palace.
This time the lights are from Serene Scene with an additional mid-rang Specular distant tied to the Main illumanation.
Genesis basic female has the Indira textures and a few morphs to head/face
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plz reply me asap
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Hi dear
I want to create a model like this ,
so can u plz help me for this,
and where can i download content like this.
is there any link to download characters and props like u made in this pic

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As mentioned in the description - all done with Daz Studio: The buildings are DM's Zahir's Palace: and the Genesis figure (which comes free with Daz Studio) is wearin a sari outfit made by Mec4D:…
I'm not sure what hair I used, I think it may come with the outfit as a combined hair/head scarf.
Add lighting and ... Bob's your uncle.
Gorgeous lighting and colors here.
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Thanks, the colours are all down to Mec4D! :)
Not really :) choosing the right lighting and environment as well as choosing the right character and textures is all up to you, and you did extremely well.
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Terrific lighting!!!
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Thanks, I was rather happy with it :)
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That's a winner, really beautiful work :D
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Thanks, quite happy with it myself :)
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Oh, that's nice.
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Thank you and thank you for not chastising me over the punning titles ;)
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Wow this is quite amazing. I love all the details in the textures. The scene is really beautiful. Lighting spot on !! :heart:
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Thanks - the textures are as delivered and are very, very nice! :)
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Yes they are but I think your lighting brings them :) Welcome :heart:
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Hey Simon, great title! That's some serious resolution - you compensating? ;-)
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Hell yeah, I gots a tiny monitor ... ;)
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