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Leather dress

DS4A, no postwork
V5 (with DimensionTheory's Interjection) in the Dynamic Angel dress, re-textured using Marieah's Leatherize shader.
Setting and lights from InaneGlory's PhotoStudio
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the big star here is the dress material shader... any more, and you'd smell the leather.
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It's a nice shader! :)
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Awesome work my friend! Beautiful lighting and shader work. I love the pose and how it shows off the dynamic dress too, but that thing must way a tonne if its all leather! A lovely looking character too ;)
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I think it's just a basic V5 (maybe supermodel) as the intent was to 'show off' the leather shader by Marieah.
JFerio's avatar
I just bought Leatherize for my own renders. Now I just need to start getting off my butt and rendering.
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I tend to find I stay on my butt (sitting down) when I render - or at least when I am setting up the scene. I DO get off my butt when I realise just how long it's gonna take to actually render and then wander off down the pub and .... er, well ... ;)
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Very nicely done, Simon :)
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And so simple too - just a couple of clicks!
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And I am liking that a lot.
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