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Fixing up

DS4P, no postwork
ARTCollaborations Control Room (in fact a corridor just outside the actual room)
"Tell me again what you did with the ladder and why I have to hang upside down to fix this ...?"
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IanTP's avatar
chuckles, I thought they were peeking again ;)
SimonJM's avatar
LOL, them Yweeb's are so naughty!
Rafellin's avatar
SimonJM's avatar
It was one of things that has to be done ... :)
NeilV's avatar
robbiepeeradje's avatar
hey hey, I didn't know..
since when are you're making such images ?
Loving it.. ;-)
SimonJM's avatar
Been doing it for a while ... Glad you like them.
SimonJM's avatar
That's the reaction I was after! :)
ann0314's avatar
LOOOOOOOOL You aren't right ROFL
SimonJM's avatar
It'a taken you how long to realise that? ;)
Y-Phil's avatar
Great atmosphere, deliciously glaucous :D Mmmm I love it ;-)
SimonJM's avatar
Thanks, it was kind of fun posing her up there! Another one with slightly modified lighting, poses and PoV is going to be rendering soon :)
Y-Phil's avatar
I just wonder one "detail": how did you managed to have the hair in this position?
None of the props I have can do this
SimonJM's avatar
It's Esidor Hair - it comes like that :)
Y-Phil's avatar
Wow... thanks for the info :D
SimonJM's avatar
It should be 50% off in the DAZ PA catch-up sale until the end of tomorrow (Friday 28th).
Y-Phil's avatar
Thanks for the info. I haven't had the time before, to respond to you: I've bought it at half the price, thanks to you :boogie:
SimonJM's avatar
Hope you get some good use out of it! :)
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