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Dance in Aslan

DS4Pbeta->OcDS->Octane, only post-work to re-save as jpeg

Jack Tomalin's Aslan Court hosts a dancer (and a voyeur!). She wears Fantasy Wrap, re-textured with The LaceMaker by Marieah
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OldMine's avatar
Real good I like the play of light
SimonJM's avatar
Thanks, that is one of the nice things about Octane - you can mess about with the settings for the daylight (adjusting apparent latitude, longitude, hour, day and month) to get it 'jst so' :)
toadz's avatar
Hehehehe, damn that sack man get's himself into some predicaoments!
SimonJM's avatar
I know, tell me about it! :)
orchid22's avatar
Beautiful Simon!
SimonJM's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it :)
IanTP's avatar
must pick this up b4 it goes to 2.99,as I am sure it will, very nice render :)
SimonJM's avatar
It's a very nice set and - check RawArt's store at DAZ, currently on a 60% 4 hour only sale! - whilst you are there, as like you I suepct it's going to be one of those nudging up to 2.99 after a brief while.
IanTP's avatar
snagged it, and also got loading dock and cargo bay for 60% off :)
SimonJM's avatar
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