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By SimonJM
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DS4P, no postwork

And all of a sudden I have submitted 300 deviants - how time flies!

Has the Warrior finally met his match? Don't expect a finale or sequel to this! ;)
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redhead, check
sackboy, check
stockings, check
menancing robot, check


congrats on the 300 too :)
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I am reminded of a quote: "This... will not end well."

Personally I reckon it's a case of mistaken identity, soon to be resolved and they all settle down for a chat over a beaker of their respective favourite lube... :D

Congrats on the third century.
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That word 'lube' could be sooo misconstrued ... ;)
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lu·bri·cant (lbr-knt)
1. A substance, such as grease or oil, that reduces friction when applied as a surface coating to moving parts.
2. One that helps reduce difficulty or conflict.
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Uhm, wait. If the doll is defeated, what would an iron thing do with the fleshy woman?
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I can only think he'd get her to do his laundry ... ;)
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Clean my gasket?
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So this one took it's time to render now I know why! Great job I bet on the big guy...Doomsday! Great work Simon and a big :hooray: on the 300! :heart:
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Thanks - and I am not sure your money'd be well spent on that ... ;)
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Your welcome. Why who would win here? :nod:
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My bias is toward Sackboy, mainly as he is my, kind-of, alter-ego - thanks to toadz! [link] ;)
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Oh I see so he secretly packs a strong punch! Well that would be insider knowledge so I will take your advise. :heart:
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Congrats, Simon on reaching a milestone. Like this render... kinda damsel in distress or the unusual knight??? huh????
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Thanks and ... it's a sort of er ... thing! Yep, that's what it is a definite thing, one of those thingy things that are thing-like ...

Blending the 'Stockings' theme and the 'Time' theme, which seemed appropriate at the time (no pun intended!) naturally led to this - with, as you say, damsel in sto, er distress, a very unusual knight and the big nasty ;)
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LOL I'm just glad to see Stockings and SacK head back... love the ambiance :)
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Well, it was about time and submission 300 seemd an appropriate time to do so :)
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Congrats btw too :)
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Nice one Simeon ...
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