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Snow Trooper

Some personal work, future snow soldier.
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|Its a marvelous design. :)
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Looks good! But I found a few things to nit pick about in this one :P
so the storage packs on the troopers right (viewers left) is off. What I mean it, with the way the angle of the foot is, the storage packs look like they are directly in front of the leg, where as the packs on the left (viewers right) clearly are shown to be on the side of the leg, not the front.
Also, with the cloak/jacket thing he is wearing, the angle seems off, what I mean is that compared to the legs, it seems to be at a steeper angle than the legs. You can fix this by putting the forward leg more forward or the backward leg further back.
If the case of the jacket angle is meant to be because he is turning his body and the top half is twisted while the bottom half remains in place, that would make more sense, but I judged that this isn't the case because of the way the head is turned. It's a little unusual to twist your body one way and turn your head the other.
A few things about the gun, I do like the design of it (kinda reminds me of the halo assault rifle actually XD) But just a few nit picking things.
So with the troopers right hand (viewers left), where the trigger guard is, the trigger guard is too big. What I mean is that it is big enough to fit his two fingers, when it should only be the one finger as the trigger itself should only need the one finger to fire, and if you were meant to make it big enough to fit the two fingers, then the lower finger (troopers Middle finger) should be more forward than his index as triggers tend to curve towards the front of a gun. (And it seems a little impractical to use two fingers for the gun) Don't get me wrong, the gun looks good, just from a design perspective, it should be less space from the body of the gun and the trigger guard (so you can fix this by just moving it up so that it's in between the troopers index and middle fingers)
Idk if it has something to do with the double barrels at the end of the gun, if it does, then disregard my previous statement
This might just be me, but the gun looks a little off in angle too, if you were going for the steep angle body, then it should look more on an angle away from the 'camera' (I guess you can do this by making it look thicker)
If the gun is meant to be angled in comparison to the legs, then it's correct (That means it just looks off with the unusual angle of the jacket which I mentioned earlier)

Like always, those are just nitpicks on an amazing work, I love your designs, they are great, but as they are usually futuristic, some things in your designs can look a little strange, it's not your fault, just that's how it can be with things that aren't real. You did a great job in painting it, love the background (although, just a personal preference, with the camera position, I would have put the trees higher, but they still look good) I can't provide much feedback or help with the way you paint as I'm still learning and I really can't see the flaws because of lack of experience and knowledge, but I hope these things help with design and perspectives as those are more my forte's, hope I helped. Keep up the great work!
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Woah, that's drawing? absolutely amazing!
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