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Nice painting, I like the atmosphere! :) It may be cold, but it is always easier to remain vigilant on patrol when your faithful canine friend is along for your rounds...
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I have fallen in love with this picture! It has such a peaceful feel to it.. hell it even makes me want it to start snow, and I haven't wanted that since I was a kid xD amazing work : )
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Awesome, but my first thought is, "Damn that's unstable, and that car roof has got to be slick."
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Mmm, I'm diggin' that atmosphere :thumbsup:
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I really love this! Maybe it's just me, but it reminds me of a Tomb Raider (Angel of Darkness) level, the one set in Prague... ^^
Anyway, the reason I love this so much is the atmosphere it has: it's so dark and silent, and I can almost feel the snow... excellent job! =)
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Beautifully atmospheric.
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Love the atmosphere and mood of this picture, just amazing.
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YOU......have great pictures. I love your style! +fav 
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Awesome atmosphere - love it!
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Glad you like it everyone, thanks!!
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"Dude! Get off my car!" 
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The atmosphere--the snow falling, the palpable quiet, the desertion--is...arresting. It reaches out from the image and pulls you by the soul right into its night, whether you want to be taken or not.
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the art is excelent, but this soldier isn't the brigthest tool in the shelf, it's a really dark night, and he is right under a spotlight, above a car... easy target. The art is excelent however.
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that's what i also through the first time I look at this, but hey, it does't have to be in a normal warfare.

He could be in an apocalypse with zombies, zombies which might be able to see or not, case in which they would use other senses to hunt. And maybe in a zombie apocalypse you don't have to be afraid of them shooting at you, but most about finding high grounds from which you can see clearly the space around you, to find food and shelter easy and to get clear shots on the zombies.

From the thumbnails I see the artist also did some zombie themed pieces so this might not be out of place :)
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In fact the car seens to have been covered in snow... and there are open windows, even though the snow is falling, so yes, it may be a post apocalypse scenario, still don't think you want to get at a spot were zombies, or even worse, raiders, can get to see you. He may be over confident in such scenario though, so I will accept it as the case in here
DahriusArt's avatar
that's way I said "zombies which might be able to see or not" since we are speaking about a fictive creature which change depending on the fictive universe we are in (different books, movies etc.) and yes raiders can be a option, but the things we can see the antenna of a radio system

you wouldn't carry such a heavy things if you wouldn't use it, making us things there might be groups or people which communicate between them things such as: "there is a big horde on street ..... evite it" or "I hear shootings from that direction from which we don't know of any group of people, there might be hostile raiders".

To end this, we can see from his cloths he's not a civil which took weapons in such a case, but more of a military guy, which might be part of a bigger organized group making what I said early quit possible.
TheDeaf's avatar
oh, I never considered him to be a civil, the point was exatly the exposed behaviour for a military (civil would probably do it right away), but seen the anthena, I agree he might be some kind of recon, maybe looking for a better signal after securing the area was clear.
DahriusArt's avatar
oh yea, you are right about the last part, i never though of it like that. My version was something like a bunch of solo guys, but which help each other with information.

it was a pleasure to talk with you fine sir :), sorry for responding so late, my internet was bad in the last few days
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no problem ^^
thank you too for the chat, and if you ever need, remember there is no problem that can't get worse when you add some law-less humans.
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sweet ^ ^ it's like when the godfather say's something important about family but I don't remeber what it was.
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The atmosphere in this one is amazing. You almost feel like you're there, breathing the cold air. Wonderful :D
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