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Car Chase

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enchilada22New Deviant

They are so adorable!

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Super very cute 🥰
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I don't know why you are saying all of these...this drawing is super cute regardless what you said, no matters what!
Super super cute drawing
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Oof, didn't think criticism and honest opinions were forbidden. Sooorry!!

Regardless of the self imposed blindness, I think you are right about it being cute. It sure does hit all the hallmarks of cuteness. Big head compared to the torso, rounded edges, etc...

I only wished that instead of disengagement, the creator would engage what I had to say! I probably would've learned much... Too bad, I guess.

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I am not saying you can't criticize it, but I think that if something is still super cute it doesn't need any criticism that's it. I mean, if it wasn't nice at all I would have probably understand, but this is not the case...peace 😘
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What are you talking about? I didn't say anything about you telling me not to criticize. The artist -however- did, by removing my comment! I'm not exactly in the business of criticizing artistic expression when I don't like it. All I gave really, was an analysis from what I could gather with my experience. I could go into lengths as to why I think it's a good piece of artwork, and what message I got from it, but I guess my opinions are unwanted. Woe is me. *dramatic faint*

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My apology, I might have misunderstood your reply 🙇‍♀️
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Reminds me of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley in the Ford Anglia.

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Nice work! Reminds me somehow of Lupin III.

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combobombHobbyist Digital Artist

Love this... your colors are always so good.

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