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Dune redesign: guild navigator stages

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And they can live up to a thousand years?

Amazing... there whole body evolving into a spice gas absorbing membrane...

Are the guild navigators human mutants or aliens?

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100% human, the spice mutates them over time.

Ok thank you. Guild navigators are some of the weirdest humans I have ever seen in fiction. Also good work

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That is freaky as hell. Amazing.

Wonderful retelling. Wonderful skill.

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Knowing what a 3rd Stage is capable of, and having heard pan-dimensional beings in other sci/fi genres refer to their 6th Senses as being like Smell, this one's sinuses make sense. 

(Sorry for the pun.)
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we see plans within plans.....
Absolutely Beautiful! Great work!!
Third one is too freaky. Dont you think due to spice diet mutation body size is reducing?
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The sinuses just go mad, don’t they?
Super! So conceptual!
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The best interpretation of the Guild Navigators I've seen. Love it. :D I like the nod to the Navigator from Dune Messiah as well as the one who spoke to the Emperor in the beginning of the first book. There's a believable yet deliciously surreal (and creepy) progression to the spice mutations here.
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Awesome redesign of navigators. The middle one is on spot acuratte to the book descriptions. :)
Brilliant - better than I ever imagined although in the same vain.
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This is awesome and horrifying, well done XD
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One of most awesome interpritation and design of Dune Navigators. Also Dune Universe is one of my favorite worlds and this picture..well i gladly put it into my favs.
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You got the sinuses about what would be expected. Deep wide and with resonance. But imagine how this sinus cavity has outweighed the cost of losing other features during the mutation. i say reform.
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Weirdest redesign ever! :o
i love you take on the guild navigator, it's extremely weird.
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