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Dune redesign: Vladimir Harkonnen

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Very impressive work. 0.0
The sheer imagination of such a design impresses me.
dasomerville's avatar
This must be what happens when you crank up the gravity suspensors to Love the sinister look on his face,  surprised you can't see the photographer's reflection in the floating orb reflections ;-)
IsaacChamplain's avatar
lol. This is awesome. The lighting is especially impressive. Can he still walk?
billhillrhymes's avatar
I love this. the best design i have seen of that evil man!

lynch's best most under-rated film!

click the link below, i credited you for your design as i used the image for a track i made

if you wish i will take it down.

SimonDubuc's avatar
Hey Bill, thanks, glad you like it! The track is cool!
ScienceXFilms's avatar
Wow! The redesign puts the original design to shame!

I admire the sinister look you gave for Vladimir. It is perfect for a Harkonnen baron to have a look so malevolent like that.

The attire looks magnificent as well. Fitting for an evil character like Vladimir himself.

You did great! :)
SimonDubuc's avatar
ScienceXFilms's avatar
You are most certainly welcome.
Art-Eli's avatar
wow, this is gorgeous! lighting and expression are gorgeous, same about the composition itself! wonderful work :)
SimonDubuc's avatar
Thank you very much :)
Vanguard3000's avatar
I love it.  His expression is so greedy and sinister.
SimonDubuc's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it :)
medievallass's avatar
The floating fat man! I really like how menacing he looks here, it must be a fine line between just gross, and uneasy making. The shine and reflection on the metal orbs and chest piece is fantastic, really well done.

Hayley :floating:
SimonDubuc's avatar
Thanks :D Yeah, expressions are hard!
itchy007's avatar
"Bring me the floating fat man!" :D
Razajin's avatar
XD I always wondered what the Baron would look like. I feel this is a close as anyone is gonna get 
SimonDubuc's avatar
Glad you like it!
chitobein's avatar
Just how I imagine him.
SpiralHorizon's avatar
Your whole Dune collection is awesome.  Really great work.
SimonDubuc's avatar
Thanks! Appreciate the feedback!
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