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Im 16 years old, Cartoonist, an Atheist, and an Animal Rights Advocate.
Vegan since somewhere between December 2017-February 2018.

If you want to contact me Please contact me through notes or this discord server:
and not through the comments.

Because of high school(and since im planning on getting a job due to my 16th birthday back in march) I don't take request and Art trades are only open if it involves my cartoon and nothing else, the only time I will take art trades that are fan art was if one of my characters are disguising as characters that are featured here, or if it the character in question is something that I really like, or if its your OC's and I have watched you.

Also, I only take critique's in person.
Overrated Stamp by NintendoStarKnight
Bowsina by roseprincessmitia


Atheist vs Antitheism (Read Desc.) by Griffonmender

WARNING: If you are found to steal my art, You will be immediately blocked without notice, and any alternative accounts made to block evade me will get blocked for the exact same reason.

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controversial opinion by MinnesotaSnowball

Born in
March ?? 2002(or early 2000s)

16 years old.

And Currently in High School.

Ethnicity: Half-Chinese, and Half-Indonesian, also part-jewish.

Main Character of this cartoon series(All of the main characters shown in this cartoon are adults, and the age shown in this list shows how old they are in during the cartoons time period):
Aloysius(Born 1958, Age 23-32)
David the skunk(Born 1951, Age 30-39)
Skunky Monster(Born 1951, Age 30-39)
Robotic Monster(Born 1963, Age 18-27)
Dzhazzar(Born 1954, Age 28)
Bug Monster(Born 1962, Age 19-28)
Vacuum Monster(Born 1952, Age 29-38)
Driller Monster

The Candy Cane Monster band consist of
David the Skunk - Lead Guitarist, Lead Keyboardist, Lead and Harmony Vocals, Drums
Aloysius - Bass Guitarist, Lead and Harmony Vocals, Percussion, Lead Keyboardist, Lead Guitarist
Robotic Monster - Rhythm Guitarist, Drums, Percussion, Keyboardist, Lead and Harmony Vocals
Bug Monster - Percussion, Keyboardist, Bass Guitarist, Drums
Dzhazzar - Rhythm Guitarist, Percussion, Keyboardist, Harmony Vocals

The Skunk's consist of
Skunky Monster - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Lead Guitar(When Wario is not in the cartoon), Rhythm Guitar(When Vacuum Monster is playing something else; ala Susanna Hoff), Synthesizer, Piano, Percussion
Vacuum Monster - Rhythm guitar, Percussion, Lead and Harmony Vocals
Wario(if he was featured) - Lead Guitar, Synthesizer, Piano, Lead and Harmony Vocals

The Candy Cane Monsters is a series of Cartoons featuring a Fictional New Wave Band of the same name and another main antagonist's band being called "The Skunk's"(Also a New Wave Band), their main instruments was either one or two Guitars, Plethora of Synthesizers, Drums, either a Bass Guitar or a Synth Bass, and Several Percussion Instruments, as well as mainly featuring Goofy Vocals(Ala the B-52's) and Cartoon sound effects, Often but not always, their songs often incorporate a Strong 80s snare drum sound.

Other sounds heard in some of their songs are, the Yamaha DX7 electric piano patch sound(usually in the background unless a lead guitarist/keyboard is playing it) and the Orchestra hit sound.

The Cartoon's Retro Aspect bears resemblance to something coming out of the 80s as well as the 90s(Specifically 1990), in addition to this, the Cartoon was taken place in 1982-1990.

In most cases, The Protagonist band mainly featuring a Happy New Wave Synth and Guitar Driven Music(to the point where their sad songs aren't obvious at first until you read the lyrics), while the Antagonist band basically sound a little like a Disney villain song, trapped into a New Wave Synth and Guitar Driven Music, with the lyrics arranged like a typical Pop Music and sounding Both happy and Scary.

This cartoon Featuring Aloysius, David the Skunk, Robotic Monster, Dzhazzar, and Bug Monster, Making music while Saving the atrocities in their cities mostly coming from Skunky Monster(In Which Aloysius and his friends refer Skunky Monster as "Suspect" ), Vacuum Monster, and Driller monster.

The Cartoon also dealt with other subjects, issues and situations in addition to this.

Unlike most cartoons, most of the time the characters are seen with 5 fingers instead of having 4 fingers and this allows the character's instrument playing to be accurate as possible.

Also Unlike most cartoons(That isn't the Loud House), It features LGBT characters(David the Skunk, Aloysius, Robotic Monster, and Skunky Monster) and 99 percent of the characters in the cartoon is Vegan, often eating mushrooms and other fictional foods rather then meat, and the only character that eats meat in the cartoon was Robotic Monster but starting on "
Riding on the boat!", He give up meat and dairy in respect of his friend, David the Skunk(Who was an animal/monster hybrid), so the entire band was completely vegan.

In addition to this, The Cartoon(like 99% of pop music out there) is actually aimed towards a much older audience(Somewhere raging from Late term adolescent to Middle Age; 15-65 to be specific; hence the retro style seen in this cartoon) rather then kids 12 and under.

Favorite Style so far:
2000s Styled(Early 2000s styled art to be specific, and this includes the year 2000 as well as 2001, 2002, and 2003)
80s Styled
Ren and Stimpy styled

What I like about Ren and Stimpy:
Stimpy(which explains why I have a picture of Stimpy as my avatar as well as some of my characters that either resemble Stimpy(Josh the cat etc.) or act like Stimpy(Aloysius etc.), plus Aloysius personality is very similar to Stimpy's personality, both saying "Happy Happy Joy Joy!")
What I don't like about Ren and Stimpy:
"Ren's Toothache"

What I like about the 80s:
Synthesized music, Neon Grid, Palm trees, Mix tapes, and its overall font.
What I don't like about the 80s:
None so far

What I like about the early 2000s:
R&B, Rap and hip hop, Hip hop inspired clothes, Hip Hop inspired everything, flip phones, VHS Tapes, Cars, Fashion, and Synthesized Music as well.
What I don't like about the early 2000s:
2 Words.... Kidz Bop

NOTE: if you blocked me and you still have image requested by me up, Please delete them now, those image featuring my characters should not on your gallery now that you blocked me, they should be in your recycle bin folder on your computer.

NOTE #2: The reason why I had the pride widget on my profile is because my cartoons feature LGBT+ Characters(David the Skunk, Aloysius, Robotic Monster, etc.), and besides, Gay couples are cute anyway and so is straight couples.



SimonCaneplz's Profile Picture


In order to fit with the LGBT themes that my cartoon has, I would definitely ship Randy Pembroke with Seth Sampas.
Remember, Unless people take climate action now, hurricanes are just gonna get worse.

Yes, My cartoon does aimed towards middle age audience, that's why the cartoon has a lot of 80s reference.
Ice Cream Shop
This picture shows Aloysius being the main singer of this New WavePower Pop and Pop Rock song, holding an Ice cream
Behind him was David the Skunk disguising as Bowser playing Lead guitar(here in the chorus, he was Doubling up with the Rhythm Guitarist) provides Fred Schneider-esque vocals in the chorus, and takes the role of being a backup singer, Seth(from :iconmeatblaze:'s cartoon Some Obnoxious Furries)playing rhythm guitar and takes the role of being a backup singer, and Jamal(from :iconmeatblaze:'s cartoon Some Obnoxious Furries) playing bass guitar and takes the role of being a backup singer.

Not shown on that picture was another character playing drums.

Although the song they are playing have Lead Guitar parts, there wasn't a guitar solo in this song, Instead, there was a synthesized Brass solo which David would go towards that keyboard in to play that solo.

Dates shown on the Calendar in this picture tells you what year was this picture was taken place in and yes, I aged up :iconmeatblaze:'s character's age and slightly alter the personality a little bit in the cartoon so that they can fit into the cartoon's timeline(which was taken place in the 80s), and the cartoon's culture.

The song they are playing was in F# Major, and the chord progression in the chorus shown in this picture was F# major-E major-B major-E major-F# major(Which is where this picture shows)-D# minor-C# major, on the third chorus though, they would move to G-Major and then stays like that through out the rest of the song, the song fades out at the end and the outside of the ice cream shop would be shown by the time the volume level of the song goes down to %35-40.

Here the picture takes place in a Ice Cream Shop, hence its name, I even listened to a song called "Gotta Get to You" by Belinda Carlisle while drawing this, which you can listen to that song if you like(although the song the characters are playing in that picture doesn't have that Saxophone Solo either):…



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Other Characters disguising as other characters
Characters from other franchise Disguising as other characters, Must be a character that I know and that I like in order for it to be accepted and not all of this commissions will be accepted.
TV-esque art
Artwork that look like something coming out of a TV show.
Candy Wrappers
Candy Wrapper art.
VHS Cover's
VHS Cover art.
Newly added costumes commission go here, Must be either original or something from another franchise that I know and that I like.


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