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Another picture of myself wearing 80s clothes

Audio Tape Hello there, welcome to my DeviantArt profile, and my gallery.Audio Tape

Creator of this cartoon that is known as "the Candy Cane Monsters", a Cartoon set in the 80s about an early Hair Metal band whose members happened to be Dinosaurs and a Rock Musician(a Lone Hair Metal musician especially).

What is the Candy Cane Monsters?

A period piece cartoon about a fictional rock band of the same name, it mostly takes place in the 80s, and in case your wondering if the cartoon's band in the cartoon's universe is still active, yes, the band shown in the cartoon in question would continue to be together to this day in the cartoons in-universe future but for the most part, the cartoon(and its universe) is mostly gonna take place in the 80s anyway.

More specifically they're a hair metal band and since some of the picture is set in years as early as 1983, its surely an early hair metal band obviously, having to jump into the hair metal bandwagon since when glam metal maybe gets its start.

The main characters in the cartoon are all Dinosaurs, with David, Arzhel and Bleiz being Tyrannosaurus rexes(T-rexes) and Aloysius being a Sauropod, and all four of them have long hair, more specifically, they sported mullets.

The typical band lineup usually includes...

David the T-rex - Talking Vocals, Guitar

Bleiz - Talking Vocals, Drums

Aloysius - Both Talking and Melodic Vocals, Guitar

Arzhel - Melodic Vocals, Bass guitar

Basically, the lineup is your typical basic rock band, consisting of guitars bass drums and vocals and usually no synthesizers whatsoever.

The main guitarists shown on the cartoon(David and Aloysius) are usually either Lead or Rhythm guitarist depending on the song.

David in particular mainly sings the B-52's-esque talking vocals, and Aloysius sings melodic vocals, Arzhel on the other hand, sings mainly harmonies and counter-melodies.

As usual with Rock music, their songs are dominated by guitar, and as we mentioned before, their songs usually have no synthesizers whatsoever(their ballads on the other hand, most often do though but its pretty quiet), despite taking place in the time where synthesizers were very popular, their music does have that Mutt Lange-esque production, but the instrumentation of the song remain starchily conservative(and no, not the political kind of conservative mind you).

All four members of the band are LGBT, with David and Aloysius having been shown to be gay couples plenty of times before, which is quite unusual for a GnR-esque hair metal band like this one, because usually classic rock bands(including hair metal bands) are often straight and non-LGBT, in fact, most of the audiences that like the Hair Metal and Arena Rock stuff that I happen to like are most often straight and non-LGBT, but yes, the band members in question is LGBT, and this same band in case you easily forget(because you don't associate Hair Metal with LGBT stuff) is a Hair Metal band.

What does this cartoon is mostly aimed at?

Mainly adults, as with a lot of rock songs in general. This is not a children's cartoon after all, this is a cartoon aimed at a much older audience, not unlike Live action shows in general, and plenty of non-PG stuff such as reference to Tobacco, alcohol, and even strong language can be seen, hence depictions of bars(which serve alcohol), besides Im not a fan of children's shows anyway, I would NEVER get involve in stuff that is aimed at kids age 12 and under.

This is not even your average cartoon anyway, there aren't any wacky situations here, and are actually a more subdued and nuanced cartoon, soo much that sometimes, I even forget that Im already doing cartoons anyway.

LET's remember that I don't watch cartoons anymore anyway, the cartoon I have is the ONLY cartoon that stuck with me, as beyond that I have completely lost interest in cartoons for over 2 years, and will never return to watching cartoons permanently again, I know there are adult cartoons out there but even that is useless as well, when the vast majority of the stuff I like nowadays(which mostly consist of Rock music) are most often aimed at adults anyway.

How do you describe the cartoons aesthetic?

It generally looks like 80s to the very early 90s, with a lot of Dinosaur themes obviously and mesozoic and paleozoic themes to go with the prehistoric setting(although the cartoon is set in the 80s keep in mind, its not set millions of years ago, it is set rather almost 40 years ago), and of course hair metal themes,

The art style is general its own thing, and is very subdued in comparison to even the other cartoons that are on DA, with many of the classic cartoon tropes being almost absent in my pictures(then again, I don't watch cartoons anymore anyway, and this cartoon happened to be the only cartoon that stuck around with me). As a result of this statement, please don't make compare this cartoon to Ren and Stimpy, Rockos Modern Life, Spongebob, Toy Story, or any of that stuff, there is absolutely nothing in the cartoon I have that looks similar to either of these or any other cartoon beside the fact that this cartoon I have is well... a cartoon, and thus, the cartoon style I have is completely its own thing.

Do you watch cartoons nowadays?

The answer is no, I don't, I have not watch cartoons(and definitely not Ren and Stimpy, Rockos Modern life or Toy Story) for two years, and I will not return to watching cartoons again for the remainder of my life. My taste will eventually plateau in five years as well.

What genre do the cartoon band in question mainly plays?

Glam Metal mainly, as well as Arena Rock, Hard Rock, and Blues Rock.

It should be pretty clear that the cartoon is about a hair metal band, just by the avatar I have alone which says Glam Metal(it's another name for hair metal).

Do you do request, and art trades?

Here is a hint, I don't have time(in other words no), there is a good reason why I rarely get fanart these days, is because the viewers I have clearly don't have time and neither do I.

Favourite Movies
60s-80s movies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Poison, Motley Crue, Warrant, and Basically Glam Metal, The B-52s, Nirvana
Other Interests
Glam Metal
The Cartoon I have is about a Hair Metal band. If you like Hair Metal, maybe you'll like the pictures.
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