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It was cheaper to build more than renew the old, and that's what we did. We dug down. Deep.

Billions were forced into the Underlife. Life expectancy was dismal.
Only now are there signs of stability. A new species, derived from humans...

But don't worry, you'll never see one.
You're one of us.
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Very cool. I especially like the minimal looking brush strokes
ArtbyGloriaColom's avatar
This is like looking at a dream!!
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wow this gorgeous 
jeff4hb's avatar
great color palette. dominant warm tones work well with the minimal cool ones up top. the composition is good . my eye gets framed a little off center (slight right). was that the intended focal point? just curious
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Yea, definitely aware of that focal point. I previously had light on some of the pathway as well.
It was originally a much smaller crop (without most of the underneath part), and the firey part was one of the first sections I painted. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out, and stopping by :)
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Thats awesome and again great work, i enjoy getting inspired by other artists work and breaking down their process so i can hopefully apply it to my own. Keep it up [link]
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Yea that's awesome. You'll go far with that sort of awareness! Good stuff.
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This is amazing! Why so few views?! :C
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Thankyou! Ummm... I couldn't answer that. heh
Not many people see my gallery, I guess.
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Maaaan this is awesome. It gave me the feel of the dwarven city in Dragon age Origins or Lord of the Rings with a Fallout theme :D gj man!
SimonBoxer's avatar
Oooh! Seen the Hobbit? The Dwarven city in that was sooo cool!
IVbenjamin's avatar
Yeah! they're really focusing on environments now, oh! and I love Gollem's new render! his expression was awesome :D
fisheypixels's avatar
Thats so cool!!!! Sounds and looks like the concept for a game or book or something!! It could defiantly make a great game/book!!
SimonBoxer's avatar
Thanks dude, yea I'll work on it ;)
fisheypixels's avatar
No problem! You'll work on a storyline? Cause reading that again, there are so many different, awesome ways it could go :D Awesome!!!
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