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FETISHES: The Erotic Spell of Men's Evening Dress by SimonaWing, literature

Close Magick for Artists, Mystics, and Spies by SimonaWing, literature

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My Bio
Sadie, 1980

Memoirist. Musicologist. Retired American movie actress, screen name Simona Wing. The Woman In Love With John Wilson, BBC Conductor (and a Geordie). Above is a screenshot from my last picture, Sadie (Bob Chinn, 1980) which was recently indexed by the British Film Institute. I write about classic US+UK movies / books / music / radio+tv / culture, chiefly on my love blog, "I'll Be Dead Before You Break My Heart".

Favourite Visual Artist
Banksy; Keith Haring
Favourite Movies
West Side Story (2021); Tár (2022); Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (2019); Love Me Tonight (1932); Nashville (Altman, 1975); To Walk Invisible (2016); The Passenger (1975); The Lost Boys (1987); Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986); Galaxy Quest (1999)
Favourite TV Shows
The Americans; Red Dwarf; Our Friends In the North; Slings and Arrows; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend; The Equalizer (1985-89); Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Leonard Bernstein; the Grateful Dead; the Who; Dolly Parton; the Sinfonia of London (2018 revival); The John Wilson Orchestra
Favourite Books
The Riverworld series by Philip José Farmer; Dubliners and Ulysses by James Joyce; almost all the novels of Western series authors William W and JA Johnstone; all the novels of Anne, Emily, and Charlotte Brontë
Favourite Writers
Mae Magnin Brussell; Cory Doctorow; Arthur C Clarke; Thomas Pynchon; Philip K Dick; Robert A Heinlein; Iris Murdoch
Favourite Games
Space Invaders
Favourite Gaming Platform
At the arcade
Tools of the Trade
Calling in old favors from Hollywood
Other Interests
Old Time Radio (OTR); audio drama from the BBC and Audible
Here I am on the cover of the San Francisco-based sex rag, The Spectator, August 1979. This screenshot is from Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, directed by Gerard Damiano, 1980. Here's my old workplace on O'Farrell Street, San Francisco. I describe it in my love+music blog here.
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At I write and publish books, in various formats, of original fiction and non-fiction from myself and Mister Grumble—Michael Matheny—all set in the intertwining worlds of the arts, sex, magick, and America’s hidden history. Cantara Christopher is a former 70s San Francisco activist / Filipino cook’s daughter / New York book editor / opera student / British Film Institute-indexed screen actress / Assassinations dabbler. She is now a screenwriter and memoirist. Michael Matheny is a retired theatrical lighting designer, ex-operative of US Army Intelligence, part-time roadie for the Grateful Dead, and former San Francisco hippie commune leader.
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God, Danny Sibolboro was such a weenie. Taken December 1963 at one of the many, many dances of the Moveable Filipino Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Geraldo was playing. Filipinos love Geraldo. “Hit the Road to Dreamland“ Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer (1943) Shall We Dance? Big Band Arrangements of Geraldo John Wilson Orchestra John Wilson, conductor Vocalion, 2002
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After our food was served Stephen grinned at me. “Now, tell me about your idea,” he said. I’d gone into it a little in the car while we all chatted on the way to Pearl Street. I’m afraid I had given Stephen the impression that I was going to outline a solid subject for him for his talk at the alternative energy PAC. But once we were sitting down at the café it all came out in a torrent. “The artistic ecosphere,” I announced, “is a mental and spiritual state that encompasses each individual artist — sort of their personal artistic turf. The goal is to recognize and expand this ecosphere. The only provision is that as an ecosphere it has to allow you to thrive and allow you to let the ecosphere itself thrive.” Michael nodded his head vigorously, a sure sign that he had something to say. I gestured to him that it was okay to speak. “I’m with you so far,” he said, “but there has to be more to it than that. An ecosphere, after all, is something located in the real world. It has physical
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Pencil - F2UCurrent In-Progress Titles

"Simona Wing" (Memoir)

Mamoulian In Mind (Memoir)

The Boys In November (JFK Research)

The Kate and Damon Mysteries (SciFi Novel)

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"I'll Be Dead Before You Break My Heart"

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Bolden: The Untold Story of JFK's Assassination (Screenplay)

A Poet from Hollywood: Love, Insanity, Stephen Gyllenhaal... (Memoir)

Feet On the Ground (Screenplay)

Cold Open (Mystery Novel)

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