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Water colossus

My second entry a water colossus for the Rift contest.
Realy enjoyed this one:)

And i really like turtles :D
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wonderful concept!
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PaintStrip's avatar
thats crazy!...i love it
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great design!
keep up the great work!
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well really sorry to disapoint but im stoping here with the colossus thou have ideas for fire death and air exams start next monday and i still have to study :P but il let you in on a little secret:)) after exams witch will end on 3th of jully il do backgrounds for this colossus cuz they need it and more and epic stuff will come out:P every 1 of em is better than the other:D
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well, sounds really great :-)
Ginzoo's avatar
Looooove the Portalesque size comparison.
very nice pic mate
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Hey great job on this, awesome design. Don't worry about people saying it looks like this or that, its a turtle, so naturally they're going to compare it to other turtles...
SimonAscanio's avatar
hehe /bow and ty for the encouragement..just spent like 3 hours this morning for exams or draw another 1..think its the best theme i've ever had in a contest ever:P..decided to go with life:D fire and death common:P
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"To study or not to study...(you know the rest)". I agree, this contest theme is awesome. Unfortunately, I did choose death lol! Its a good thing however that we can have more than one entry!!!
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Reminds me of Torterra.
InexperiencedDeviant's avatar
Reminds me of the Adamantoise from FF10. Needless to say, pure skill.
SimonAscanio's avatar
hehe thank you ...pure skill 1 thing might just get in trouble ..cuz if it resembles with something it kinda sux...spent like 1 whole day /total to create this concept and thought was original and all:P but lets hope its ok:D
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I like it a lot, in fact I'd love to see this in the game. One comment tho... it reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh's Emerald Tortoise ([link]) mixed with pokemon's Torterra ([link]) Otherwise great! Keep it up!
SimonAscanio's avatar
ty vm honestly i thought it would be like the 1st design of this tipe ofc forgot about yu-gi-oh and pokemon :)) hehe atleast i have the 1st turtle with coral on its shell ,although wanted to add more stuff but when i saw its to much to heavy for the eye I said it's enough...have to know when to stop:P
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