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McFarlane Hulk

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I'm a big fan of Todd McFarlane's version of the Gray Hulk that appeared during the Peter David run on Hulk in the 1980s. The original of this page in particular is one of my all-time favourites, so I decided to ink it up myself, but changing the Gray Hulk into the Green version. I have always wondered what Todd's version of the savage Green Hulk would have looked like. Maybe this is how he would have looked. I've included Todd's original in the insert panel.
Inked in Manga Studio 4ex, and coloured in Photoshop. I've added paper textures to give that old-school comic feel.
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Why is this one of you favorite pages? Also do you think you could color the right page in this link? Maybe you can find it in better resolution though.

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Steele67Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you using the Frenden tips in manga?? Amaze balls bro!!
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paintmarvelsHobbyist Digital Artist
This is AWESOME!!!
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Pretty good drawing. I like the classic colors Keep it up! :)
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luke-croweHobbyist Artist
I LIKE TODD (just to combat the negative comments here)
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TheLastCybertronianHobbyist General Artist
I've never been a huge fan of his style tbh bro, but your inking and colouring has greatly improved it (and I've always preferred the Hulk when he's green)

Great job bro :clap:
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Nope - sorry.  Yours is much, much better.
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