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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 31, 2011, 5:34 AM
Heyyyyho :dance:

How are you all? :aww:

I thought that it was time for a new journal, because you haven't heard anything from me a very long time. ;)
I began studying in september (business information systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik)) and sooooo I'm kinda busy right now. But it was definitely the right choice and I'm satisfied with it. But still 3 1/2 years to go =P

And there are also some photograhpy-related news - I've got a new camera, the Sony Alpha 580, oh my gosh, I'm so in love with it!!! I literally fell in love with the Live View function hahaha :XD: This camera is really awesome, I'm so looking forward until all the flowers are blooming :D

Another news .... mmhmmm ... is there anythin else? I think so ... I'm going to the US this summer, the third time after 2009 and 2010 and I'm so excited! :D This time I'm going to the west coast, discovering Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco ... haha ... (sooo sooo looking forward to the photos I am able to take there!!! =P)

Okay well, that's it. :D

crocus. by simoendli schneegloeckchen. by simoendli


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 30, 2009, 6:57 AM
(at least for a while)


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 22, 2009, 4:59 AM

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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 10, 2009, 10:34 AM
September 10th / 2009

I am so pissed off right now.
Okay, maybe I am overreacting.
Okay, I'm really glad you all enjoy my work.

But what on "You are not allowed to use my art without my written permission." isn't understandable?! IF you ask me "heyyy, can I show your photo on my blog?!" I'll say probably yes (but it really depends on my mood I have to say).

Few minutes ago, I was like "mmhmmm let's search myself" =P
This is what came out (only the first pages in Google of course!)…………………

Okay, my work is to share and stock? Nice to know. >______<

Yeah I know, I can't prevent this. It's just that what happens if you have some popularity ... the sad thing is just that the people who are seeing my work that way will probably never see my gallery here ...

I'm sorry for this rant, but I don't like this stuff :/

Luckily I have a watermark, but I'm seeking for the first person in the WWW who's also calling herself as simoendli and is sharing "her" art. >_>

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Journal Entry: Fri Sep 4, 2009, 4:45 AM
September 4th / 2009
Nothing special is going on in my life, my vacation is over and I am already working again for 2 weeks. :( Blaa.
At least my holidays were great - I am so in love with Miami. :love: We also were in Orlando (just Universal Studios & Island of Adventures), in Key West (I was disappointed - for me, it was nothing special) aaaaaand in the Everglades (oh my god, I loved this airboat ride!! :D).
sun goes down. by simoendli downtown miami. by simoendli
macarthur causeway. by simoendli

I am planning to go to Canada (Vancouver) next year to study English, I hope it comes true. :w00t:
Aaaaaand this weekend I hope I have time to photograph a little bit, got some nice ideas in my head. :aww: Maybe I am going to the botanical garden in Zurich, love it there and so I don't have to spend any money on flowers. :D :flower:

Uuuuhhh, and I recently saw that I was nominated for Best Macro Photographer @ TheDeviantAwards. :jawdrop: To whoever has nominated me, thaaank you! :love:

How are you all doing? :meow:

My Facebook | <a href="…"  target="_blank">photography simoendli on Facebook | <a href="…"  target="_blank">RedBubble

<div class="feature"">

Green Life by Healzo That's how I found you by MarinStefan
Waterfall by heldenriff Aqua by Jules1983
Fantasyland by dansch Stars and Stripes by Jules1983
Hearts by Sortvind :thumb135737027:
Dancing With The Morning by makowina :thumb135655821:

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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 9, 2009, 8:36 AM
August 9th / 2009

I'm off to Miami Beach! :heart:
See you guys in 2 weeks!

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Show them your love :love:

Square Love.2
Square Love.

sweet dream by nakedlady Wake Up We Are In Dreamland. by Blutr0t .:WHAT:. by onixa
Lonely Dori by onixa goldfish. by simoendli rays of hope by theclarabellafaire
Imaginary by iTaylie lee by maticgolob cherry by theluckynine
:thumb126710457: Waterworld by Jules1983 Lost In Colors by MarcoHeisler
Passion by DREAMCA7CHER sweet summer garden by TrishaMonsterr Simplicity by Jules1983
Sharp Flower by CasheeFoo breath away. by simoendli Summers Gifts by onixa
droplet 015 by AlexEdg .: ADDORATION :. by onixa one's heart is light by AlicjaRodzik
A tale-tell dream by Karisca upside down. by simoendli :thumb123437435:
wish you were here.. by Preludium G L A M O U R by Healzo Nature beauty . . . by light-from-Emirates
one sweet love.. by Preludium whole world in my hand. by simoendli Eleganse by Healzo
Loves me, Loves me not by onixa :: d'oro :: by hellfirediva 758 by kat4nka
spring's jungle by prismes Stay Strong by Healzo :thumb126154848:
:thumb124178407: Fresh Breath by Healzo .:D r o p l e t:. by shhilja
.. by xTive daisy blue.2 by simoendli :: m o r n i n g  b l u e s :: by hellfirediva
Beauty Within.. by onixa :thumb127090913: Serious Emotions... by onixa
:: morning delight :: by hellfirediva 123 by prismes In The Center by Healzo
Words Drowned by Fireworks by Korpinkynsi blue spring by JoannaRzeznikowska :thumb122997432:
midnight blossoms by theclarabellafaire :: blue moon :: by hellfirediva waiting by theclarabellafaire
:thumb128119263: Meditation by DivineInvention Thinking Of You by Healzo
.in the morning fog II by Wineberry :thumb126225337: Never say Never by Healzo
Feeling Green by Healzo :thumb127214355: It's Not Over by Healzo
Sorrow by Healzo 768 by kat4nka g o o d m o r n i n g by sigpras


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2009, 2:42 AM
July 6th / 2009

Well, I wasn't around here for a few days and I really didn't miss it. Soooo I decided to extend my absence for a few more days until I really miss being around here. ;) I hope you don't mind. :) See you :heart:

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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 23, 2009, 1:33 AM
June 23rd / 2009
Heeey :meow:
How are you all doing?

I am quite fine, but I nearly have no spare time. But soon soon (in 48 days) I will tan my ass at Lummus Park in Miami Beach, so I can deal with it. :D

Erm, I am planning to visit Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise - what is the best way to get there without having a car? I was thinking about taking the Greyhound from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and afterwards taking the cab. Is this a good idea?

I am sooooo excited about the whole trip, I guess I will take like hundred million photos. :aww:

My photography is also on Facebook, if you want to join my site, please visit this link --->…

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In The Center by Healzo :thumb103091469:
Malaysia,Trg and my heart by warnaiman lee by maticgolob
Words Drowned by Fireworks by Korpinkynsi :thumb126699631:
foggy road by leenik
hold me close by ivadesign Waterworld by Jules1983
. : n e p t u n e : . by utopic-man Stop the Clocks by iTaylie

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Feature: Watchers May (16th to 31st)

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 7, 2009, 9:03 AM
June 7th / 2009
Now the second part. ;)

Feature: Watchers (May (16th to 31st))
<div class="feature"">

May, 16th
On Coming Hazard by iEchora Serene by Alisrv Jj by RobinDropOut :thumb123127910: :thumb53077142: :iconsammersad: Eras of Music by QaysA Jung Bird by Fanthomas On the way.. by Nomss Turquoise by buzadam

May, 17th
:thumb113959930: :thumb116959584: :iconcherr07: :thumb122736097: 14 Aug Independence day by nolakha Self-Destruction-Twins by kittie-leopard

May, 18th
Zebra by KeizerClimax Blow It Away by EvePhotos I can fly by ajszildoo

May, 19th
:thumb123319141: the girl with the chewing by Vurtov Kropelki III by LuciaConstantin :thumb123033452: Eyes on fire by AnitaSadowska

May, 20th
:iconicesoul-cn: Bad Hair Day by Toxic-Karma T u r n II by ZanaSoul ThIn by Cookie-style Good vs Evil? by nightmaresky :thumb109001312:

May, 21st
grass by somethingwithblonde :iconmehdibs: :thumb123207071: close by BunnyVampiroLove8 Bouganvilla II by Graishgagamagagama

May, 22nd
:thumb118230864: Crying rose -2- by NeoTheOne1987 F r e e d o m by nellusatko Alice by lbroks

Mature Content

corn by hancuch
Daydreaming by faeriefly flower spring by OnkelMario Utada Angel by Kagari707 orange sky by monyczka Final Exam for College Art Cla by my-desire-stolen Ferris Wheel 4 by dazzle2090 :thumb90760935: :iconlacehun: PrettyDomains by heliosart Easter Lily II 363 by caybeach :thumb122686054: Unicorn Masters by Enchanted-By-Mine :thumb119495640:

May, 23rd
Toy by leobonoto :thumb123022276: Winter Dressing SongI will felt a lovely hat for you
to dress your little head.
I will knit a cozy scarf of wool
to keep your neck so warm.
I will sew a brightly colored dress
to make you look so pretty.
I will dress you in a coat of down
to keep out every winter chill.
I will knit you darling mittens
to protect your little fingers.
I will darn your woolen stockings
to snuggle up your toes.
I will buy you boots so sturdy
to dress your feet for snow.
I will kiss each of the roses
that bloom upon your cheeks,
and you can be quite sure my dear,
you've everything you need.
:thumb123727431: :iconchoculate: :thumb123775882: Sweet hearts by Libis I Miss You by ntpdang :thumb123232760: :thumb123632145: :thumb123403757: :thumb124002124: freedom by dongeul _22 by shurupp Drops... by Laetch Polyommatus icarus.o5 by amensis :thumb122107045: clarity by foghlai :thumb122920642: Lavender Valley by WishmasterAlchemist :thumb122670739: Listen to my heart by zumix Flower manip by Michael-Photography Here Comes Spring 57 by andotsiry Matthew Bellamy 3 finished by shvau4 :thumb109764224: Coffe Junkie for TF by ilove-2-design :thumb84039381: In Loving Memory by wondergirl18 Summer Dream by ThEaNgElDuSt

May, 24th
:iconsollange01: Bolas by Rachpushkaniev harbour. by mandaislebomb Shiori by LivD Eye? Aye. by Martinibaby :iconmopemope: thumb121956862 :thumb104260283: Vivid Easter by venicequeenf :thumb123537370: :thumb122355463:

May, 25th
Towering Crystals by narniamushroom02 Orange Prickly Pear Flowers by fatherofanartist Rough Ride by ashu0073 :thumb122481252: paint of me by KeepRock real?.. by MssDedViL Be with me by bsoOma .: Red Dots :. by shinykida :thumb18285451: :thumb106204966: Fly Away by TheTerriah :thumb106676564:

May, 26th
Rusty by Tigaroni Lizardman Ranger painting by DiMaio Skyrill Design Studios by mossawi Happy as Larry by Yanareb First drops by Gibbich

May, 27th
Coast Line by FalseNames timeless thoughts by hypertech the knife and his lover by thestargazer23 Flower Power by Hatsy-x

May, 28th
:thumb117377042: Marbles by LikaTheSheep doar un fulg by uu-crengutza-uu :thumb124392991: endless by JungleTree :thumb124996633: :iconomiloves:

May, 29th
Rain by Adrienneknott :iconxxkiriku: :iconartiechoke: :thumb125034434: You Know I'm Bad at Titles. by KitsuneKarin :iconshoujuan7: :thumb122783034: :thumb123118548: girl.... by strawberry-maniac :thumb119242691: Sunset above a meadow by n-John a dragonfly by Lucyolla Hanging On by GONE-EVERLONG Dip In Dip by hoom Budgies by willmh93 :thumb123408246: Anything but Plain by Tuesdaysangel Careless Whisper by moonbeam1212 :thumb79549438: Second Nature by AlexandreGuilbeault

May, 30th
Mystic Fisherman by mlhplt Pins01 by Couleur345

May, 31st
S i m p l i c i t y . 1 by mellyly Me Arm by Harrista

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Feature: Watchers May (1st to 15th)

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 7, 2009, 8:50 AM
June 7th / 2009
I am really overwhelmed - your support is fantastic. :heart:
I now have over 1500 watchers, never thought I'd ever reach this! :giggle:

Feature: Watchers (May (1st to 15th))
<div class="feature"">

May, 1st
'Cabo Da Roca III' by ThelmaJewbitch :thumb119503681: Along All Along by misssnap Sleeping Sun by yingyng

May, 2nd
:iconharrayt: :thumb122264720: :thumb110533415: Summer Polarnoid by liiinux :thumb120983134: :thumb84994323: :thumb114147365: 2 by xinsation Green impression by endrju2GO forest life by lichtfaengerin

May, 3rd
Dark Angel by LucidLumi Sunset Bore by hanjonne :thumb121748401: Under the Rain by LimpidD :thumb122151286: :thumb122079839: :thumb122558327: Close your eyes by MDesignN Colin. by Princess-Roxy :thumb121855922: Spring is music by TroughTheGlass To be by Saphitri Horizon by disney-fairy

May, 4th
Places I Remember by longsummernights 23 by greatpieceofstabwork Rani by Remieka18 Beautiful, isn't it? by Meital-H Bydgoszcz. by KaHaeLLa me aburro by archivopep :iconvampirewife: FlOwEr Black AND White by WiKkASs :thumb120343609: Bike Rack by Rendolen

May, 5th
:iconhellotaotao: :iconswmmp: :thumb115506362: bent tree by PirateGrrrl delicado azul by CuReta :thumb120529995: :thumb116764848:

May, 6th
Mud Crab Drawing by FireDragon22 :thumb90975103: :thumb67292908: :thumb122474943:

May, 7th
Cigarette Grunge by purplepk

May, 8th
Touch my body. by cassie93 Spring Flowers 6 - Wildflower by Endeavouring Prince by Owy

May, 9th
Marbella.. 15 by Meed-B .TheField.. by VintageCherries
:thumb121967279: or a n ge by christinegeier :thumb121947828:

May, 10th
Held by wroth

May, 11th
:thumb117557068: Cute? by Hmo0om

May, 12th
my first bokeh texture by AredT :thumb122289158:

May, 13th
Spining by photalex :thumb121792394: The Inverse of Divinity by DravlocPhoto

Mature Content

be patient or i'll shoot you by g-odie
:thumb103704574: :thumb122238543: Heaven by NoiseElectric Star - Miley Cyrus by mothrama Forget-me-not by laughsofgreed :thumb121834486: :iconmilktank: Grow From Stone by nina-nightmare-x .014 by Raiyun Moss by olakonkel :thumb123173897: :thumb122053773:

May, 14th
:thumb96152138: Sunset on the mountain by Britanny503 :thumb123062476: Dance of Elan by simonsaz3 :thumb116308778:

May, 15th
Epic by ISeeMyWorldInACamera white rose by foil-duck Esplozion by absentinsanity6 Garnet couloured by Artemisfire Just it. by airicalush assumed. by NinnikuPanda :thumb123075415: :iconitoyrobot: star by cool471 :thumb122561159: paris2 by kate-arch :thumb121056778: Hard Knock Life by Whismermill :thumb121046383: Summer time by Joycelinn Boy by art-de-jack Don't Cry For Me by FeelinThis :thumb122922624: :iconsept-mai: Come neve fredda scenderei by Silviaa92 :thumb103094859:

:iconunframed-nature: :iconmacro-club: :iconjustportraits: :iconzoo-photographers: :iconnatures-beauty-club: :iconflower-lovers: :iconbeautyclub: :icontasteofliquid: :iconsixbysix: :iconibokeh:

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Bokeh Contest Winners and more

Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2009, 1:04 AM
May 26th / 2009
Hello hello everyone. :)

How are you all doing?
I'm fine, but we had such awful weather last days, over 30° (means over 90 Fahrenheit) and a high humidity .. I love the sun, I love when it's warm, but this was just TOO hot for me. I was feeling like a 70-year-old-grandma with her rheuma afflictions. My knees were hurting allday and I couldn't sleep any hour. I'm such a wuss. =P

Well well, that were my complaints. :D

Maybe you remember the feature game I did over a year ago - it was called "Your art. here." I'm thinking about doing this now again. The clue is: I am featuring you with a few of your thumbs, and you have to do the same. If you have a subscription and want to do this feature game with me, please add a comment here or send me a note. :giggle:

Feature: Bokeh Contest Winners held by dansch
<div class="feature"">
:aww: 1st place :aww:
.cubed: by fridaythe13th

:aww: 2nd place :aww:
G L I T T E R by Healzo

:aww: 3rd place :aww:
Red Rose2 by garfildus

Self Promotion
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Journal Entry: Sun May 17, 2009, 4:28 AM
May 17th / 2009

:iconunframed-nature: :iconmacro-club: :iconjustportraits: :iconzoo-photographers: :iconnatures-beauty-club: :iconflower-lovers: :iconbeautyclub: :icontasteofliquid: :iconsixbysix: :iconibokeh:

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Enjoy those beautiful photos! :heart:

rewolf by xTive Spring by xTive U N D E R W A T E R by Healzo
434 by kat4nka There's Hope by Healzo :thumb120548653:
...dreaming... by onixa :thumb120040159: may. by julkusiowa
481 by kat4nka When im asleep by Healzo pink - droplet . . .. by light-from-Emirates
elusive by marshmallow-pies :thumb118549147: sakura. by simoendli
it smells like spring by Julietsound handful of joy by AlicjaRodzik .: Violets Fantasy II :. by onixa
502 by kat4nka :thumb121302829: Fleurs by VexingArt
501 by kat4nka tiny floral forests by theclarabellafaire My head's in heaven... by CarolineZenker
Cold Morning by Healzo Let's Fly, Fly Away... by onixa 279 by kat4nka
391 by kat4nka Shimmering near the shore by VexingArt crystal.2 by simoendli
spring's moonlight by prismes pure. by 6Artificial6 Frozen in Time... by onixa
:thumb120135360: :thumb119464705: :thumb121407370:
:thumb118397860: so early. by 6Artificial6 Awake by DREAMCA7CHER
:thumb119206632: Green Day V.2 by 6Artificial6 Spring dance. by incredi
secrete... by julie-rc 494 by kat4nka
Nature's Secrets by Healzo 1026 by topinka Summer Garden by Sortvind
love don't live here anymore by paintspills time was on our side by paintspills :thumb120535431:

Feature: Watchers (April)

Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2009, 7:38 AM
May 3th / 2009
Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support :aww: :heart:

Feature: Watchers (April)
<div class="feature"">

April, 1st
Mixed Tape by BeautifulLie18

April, 2nd
:iconarashi126: No original by parawachear :thumb106238346: Spring by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY :iconcerghedean:

April, 3rd
Leafy :D by Camera-chan-desu :thumb117765196: _Same view_ by MiayahMilles Geisha Note Card Set 'Nori' by ultcyn

April, 4th
:thumb118857205: :thumb83603749:

April, 5th
Arabesque by MistressOfNocturne 5,000 Deviations by i-watch-people the outside. by gloeckchen Ruelle HDR by Art-Is-Alive

April, 6th
:thumb118730250: :thumb118368423: Meet Me Where I Live by moleyshmoley Chibi Osiris by BadKiss Cold Morning by Healzo Girls_Rock_Too by Creative-Palace Black and coloured by iDanceHard :thumb118991823:

April, 7th
Tree A Bloomin' Again by sevymama Crocus by saladbar1 :thumb113161875: Easter Bunny by druideye :iconninomiya-kun: Gypsy for Silver Rey by darquepinkpaper My Fair Lady by OLOluvzZutara Smile by TacoMan12 :thumb118755014: :thumb118987583: :iconithinkiwasthere: GK: Cra-bat by GrayKitty auris felis by OnurY Morena. by AnomisPumpkin Green, take one. by Three-Cheese :thumb118513917: the lighting boy by frizareihan :thumb118887201: Forest like it should be by Matsu303 :thumb110201583:

April, 8th
:thumb94147798: Bunny by pixi3angeldreamx :thumb118639175: :thumb117601625: Spread Your Wings by ProjecTSymbiosiS10 :thumb118885507: RENDER ATTACK by SquadGazZz

April, 9th