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Spring update

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Long time, no see, eh? Well, life has been crazy since I moved across the country and started living for myself in Oslo. Crazy AWESOME most of the time. Last I talked to you (whoever you might be (kidding, I know you, and I love you all)) I had gone to school a month or two and done one project. Now I've been there a few more, and done several more things.

The most interesting thing I've learned must be 3D modeling and animation. Granted, I'm not a very good modeller, but it's cool to know how to do it, and I like setting scenes and lighting. When I'm not swamped with other projects, I want to do more 3D and learn more. And I mentioned being swamped? That's because right now, I'm in the finishing part of a school project to make an animated short movie together with three other classes from school: film, illustration and sound design. We've made a vampire movie (I know, very original. But! we got a twist!), and the characters our illustrator made are just awesome! I can't really show you now, since it's not finished, and I don't think she has a DA-account, or anything else, but I'll see what I can do when we're done, and we release it.

And in november I got the "job" as a voluntary Facebook moderator for BioWare Norway. Which is awesome! I love BioWare, in a bit non-critical, almost fanboyish way, and it's really cool to be on "the inside", and work with the fans, since we know BW has got the best fans in the whole world.

Remember how I said life has been crazy? Well, the craziest part must be I now have a girlfriend. Yes, I was as shocked as you. …just kidding. It's the beautiful and talented fireg who has stolen my heart, and refused to give it back. We met in church, and began hanging out over christmas. Things "clicked" between us, we started dating, and have been going steady since the end of february. And I couldn't be luckier. Because she's a big geek, just like me. And haven't told me to get lost yet. …just kidding. Again. But seriously, I'm very lucky to have her. Many, many <3's for you, dear.

Yes, I've written all this mostly for that last paragraph. Sorry, I just had to show off a little, because I'm so happy. And now the world seems a bit unreal, so should probably get to bed. I'll try to remember to write more.

Yeah, right!

Good night, folks!
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So, I haven't updated in a while. Sorry 'bout that. Quick update on life: I've moved away from home and into an apartment in Oslo, the glorious capitol of the great and bountyful kingdom of Norway. I've also started attending a new school following my completion of upper secondary/high school (it's still hard comparing English/American school and Norwegian). I'm now a student at Norges Kreative Fagskole. It's a bit tricky to translate that one, but I think it's something like Creative Vocational School of Norway. What it is, is basicly teaching much of the same you find in a (Norwegian) university, but in a more practical way. More doing, less writing.

So there I'm now studying 3D and animations. Right now we are learning how use After Effects to make animations. And the first project was making an kinetic typography. Which is cool, since I'm a big fan on kinetic typography.

And here it is, on Youtube.

Spoiler: It's so awesome Edgar Wright approves of it:… :la:
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I just finished it. It was awesome. I can see why some people don't like the ending. It wasn't what I expected either, but I can understand the one the is there. It just is so much more epic (in the old sense) than what we could imagine. Anyway, now I can finally watch all the trailers that has come out the last half year. Maybe I'll even find some inspiration for some new ME-themed stuff now. I bet you would like that, eh?

This first playthrough was with my run-of-the-mill John Shepard. Mostly paragon, but with his renegade moments. Played with him from ME1, romancing Liara. Didn't put too much thought into paragon/renegade then. Made him very mixed. He's become a lot more paragon since, but he's still got a bit of a temper.

Next up will be my über-paragon Shepard, romancing Tali, who I kind of like more then Liara, but had to finish with my "original" Shepard first. :P

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An Amazing Year

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So I totally missed this, but yesterday was one year (and a day) since I posted my first Mass Effect wallpaper here after a boring day at work. On a whim I tweeted them to Christina Norman (then designer on Mass Effect, now designer at Riot) so she could share them with the other developers at BioWare. And then they posted them on their Facebook-page. It was the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me.

To all you who followed me, commentet, faved and/or downloaded these wallpapers: Thank you. You've helped make this last year great!
To everyone else: You're cool too! Stay that way!

Happy (belated) new year!

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Since we in Norway celebrate christmas today, the 24th, it makes sense to me to wish you that now. It that's wrong for you, just come back tomorrow and read it again. It'll still be here :P
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