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John Marston

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Daaamn, me likey. Too bad his satchel his ruining the view somewhat 👀

I have no idea how XNALara works (which is what I presume you're using) and if you're able to "adjust" the models, such as the bodygroups. Going by the mininum knowledge here, atleast in Gmod the bodygroups were basically parts of the model you could enable and disable at your leisure, but really have no idea if that's possible here 😅

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Thank you. I just used the game with mods for this. I WISH they were all rigged for XNALara. Yeah, I also have no idea how XNALara works (other than downloading models and putting them in and posing them, that's about it). I used Rampage Trainer and John Marston Restoration Project for this picture.