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Doe Watercolour

By Simkaye
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8.5" x 11" watercolour painting 
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© 2017 - 2021 Simkaye
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Oh this is just gorgeous! I love the highlighting 
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Simply amazing.
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Feel the form. Amazing
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Damn, the colors and lighting in this are absolutely gorgeous! I can almost feel the cool early evening breeze. I love the alternating textures, too: the sleekness of the deer's skin/fur, the blotchy leaves, and the rough tree bark. :heart:
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AH, thank you so much! :heart:
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I thoguht it's a digital art O.o Epic <<3
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This is such a excellent use of watercolours! You have a wonderful style.
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I so love how you draw deer. I've always been very fond of cervines, perhaps in part because of my last name. I hold a special place in my heart for white tail and black tail deer, and something about this piece just feels so nostalgic to me. I love her big, bright eyes, and the harmonious mix of warm and cool colors that hint at the light of a rising sun on a misty morning. The detail of the grass and the bark of the tree are also very nice touches that add life the whole image. I really love this one, so I have to ask... Is this one for sale?
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HHH thank you so much ;-; this one already has a buyer--one of my friends offered me a price before I had even finished her. Prints are available though!
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Oh cool! I'll go check out the prints. :la:
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She looks really pretty and so serene!
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very nice!
i love the cool shadows and the stylized planes!
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this is amazing !!
i love deer so much. they're gorgeous animals
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Dang, dat painting doe :o (Eek)
Nicely done!
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The lines and planes are gorgeous - great work
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Wow this is absolutely gorgeous! You've used lighting very well and the contrast on her head really makes it pop.
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very pretty and sleek. I love the color choice too. well done!
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