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Game UI 6

Another ui for a game i did recently,  it was asked to be very similar to line pop.
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What is the cost of designing a user interface?
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HEllo!!!! I've been stalking youuuuur page for new works!
Btw, I wonder how large your canvas and resolution is when you do UIs?
I am planning to make one for practice purposes XD
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Heeey! Sorry i've been away for vacation for a while now, so that's why long on reply :) and soon will be again gone.
As for your question,  i usually make astronomically huge UI resolutions, or even if button itself is small, i slaywa like lots of space around it, for some reason, like 4000 x 3000 and so on. Sometimes, i just make things biggesr, because easier to make details, which will then look more polished in smaller size X)))Frog dance
I'd just suggest to use sizes that are definetly friendly on your pc, so you won't have with future layers ^^