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Hazel and Augustus

Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
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ThisOneIsCrazy's avatar
This looks like something from a Disney film, and if it where I would TOTALLY watch it
unicornication's avatar
It's beautiful. I love it.
blue-bones's avatar
Beautifully perfect :heart:
minime41191's avatar
Ahhhh this is so cute!
LilyPotterGirl's avatar
This. Is. Perfect. 'Nuff said
Boog-a-boo's avatar
This looks sosososososososososososososososososo amazing <3
hpotty's avatar
omg, look at their faces! :la: well done.
sourtonguetattoo's avatar
Just got the book! Can't wait to read it! Awesome drawing!!!!
Sandra-13's avatar
I love this!!!
RubberPants's avatar
Oh geez, this is gorgeous!!
Willdabeast-0305's avatar
Why is this the only picture you've posted?
You are good at art! Do more art!
MrsTomlinson214's avatar
Phillip's looking dead sexy there XD
JetpackDino's avatar
Thi is so good! dftba (:
Foo-Foo-Flower's avatar
I love this. I love everything about everything.
I almost cried. This is amazing.
Amarisa's avatar
This sums up their characterization so well, and I love the little details. The way her foot is angled, his prosthetic peeking through, the backward cigarette. <3
MoonXDD's avatar
dolphin64575's avatar
They're so cuuuute!
Hey, I want to make a video about Hazel and Gus set to 'Our Time Now' by the Plain White T's, and I was wondering if I could use this picture? You'll be credited and linked in the video's description.
Thanks :)
HerosofOlympus's avatar
Hazel dear you are gorgeous..... Augustus :iconreallysadplz: oh my god im going to go sit in a corner and cry and think about the futilities of basketball
porcoli's avatar
this is.... ugh. so beautiful. made me cry. <3
PetrolMoose's avatar
Pain demands to be felt...
dares2dream's avatar
This is reallyreallyreally cute. I love your style, it's just perfect. :D
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