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~ watercolor illustration; sketchbook; size A5

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ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
The title really adds meaning to this art!
I don't know if I get the right meaning, but it's good to let people get some of their own meaning from pieces.
SiminaArt's avatar
I agree! :) I also love how sometimes i look at some painting, listen to a song, read a poem; and get completely different meaning than the previous time i engaged with it. :)
ramkumariyer's avatar
wow such a deep meaning to this art . lovely :)
nilwilnil's avatar
Quietly quaint. Rather than a loud gust of wind I imagine a slight breeze is all it takes to set the lightness of their affection aloft :]
SiminaArt's avatar
Hehe, lovely poetically :) indeed, it takes just a little push :}
SleepyConscious's avatar
what a nice and windy day ~
CaveofMercury's avatar
Very good piece, i bet the wind is very hard
SiminaArt's avatar
Looks like it :D thanks
CelestialDarkMatter's avatar
Haha, cool concept! 
Chala86's avatar
I love this. It made me smile. Lovely.
SiminaArt's avatar
Glad to hear :D ! It was made with a silly note Meow :3 
GinkgoForestSpirit's avatar
Deep......Intense,  Very Touching......One of the best art-pieces I ever saw..... Totally incorporates what I feel most of the time........
Very good...You've got my total appreciation !!!!!!
SiminaArt's avatar
Thank you kindly, this was just a quick silly illustration in my sketchbook, nothing too serious :D glad it connected with you, i guess you often feel blown away hehe :))
GinkgoForestSpirit's avatar
Yeas, I is serious to me !!!!!!
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