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Planet Minecraft

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This is Planet Minecraft
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Minecraft earth.
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MinecraftShadershotHobbyist Digital Artist
looks nice, and awesome work!!!! 

maybe checking out my work!!! 
i promise they look really nice like yours!
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SMASHBRO164Hobbyist Artist
its so beautiful
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
Calculations suggest Minecraft would be so colossal, it would explode like Krypton !
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Raz-MangaHobbyist Digital Artist
8 times size of planet Earth.
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Omg good job! XD
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MoonBlinked13Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is so awesome!
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Skyblue10Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing! But why is the planet a little transparent? 
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simeonradivoevHobbyist Digital Artist
Those are reflections 
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Andromedian1Hobbyist General Artist
Too bad none of the 'hills' actually line up into some sort of mountain ranges....but it's still nice.
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SeryZoneHobbyist Photographer
Какой майнкрафт? Планета-то круглая!
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casualartist89Student Artist
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noobheadz Digital Artist

Is not cubes.

Jk Amazing planet.
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ScalematePrincessHobbyist General Artist
A friend of mine saw this and had a minor (by his standards) breakdown over how "IT'S A GODDAMN CUBE! THE SUN'S A CUBE THE MOON'S A GODDAMN CUBE EVEN THE FREAKING PLAYER IS A CUBE SO THE WORLD CANT BE ROUND ASDKGL;DFFDKLDSJDFLDJ" ERROR 404 data not found.

Anyhow... i think this is pretty damn awesome!
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thing is mattpat has a theory about how it's actually a sphere because gravity is equal everywhere and mnecraft has gravity for entities, sand and gravel.
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kaplockzStudent Digital Artist
Not square.... Impossible calculation.......Self-destruct initiated......
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Derp-PuppyStudent Traditional Artist
BUT! its still made from SQUARE minecraft blocks...
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kaplockzStudent Digital Artist
nu huh the trees are even circle and the sun and the earth and the land and everything :0
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silolightHobbyist General Artist
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FunnelVortexHobbyist Writer
I personally do not like the portrayal of Planet Minecraft as a cube. So this is really nice work.
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Bonbon88Hobbyist Writer
Well, you can't see everything in game either, if u just look forward.. implying that it is indeed not a square~ but it would prolly be a lot larger than earth.. like earth x7 if I'm correct
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FunnelVortexHobbyist Writer
I heard somewhere it can get as big as Earth x7 or more before the Program can no longer handle it.
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Bonbon88Hobbyist Writer
Yea, I vaguely remember the same. Unsure if that size was doubled some time ago, since the 'far lands' (massive errors in world generating) were moved to like 34,000,000x/y .. but still, it is indeed a lot larger than earth
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