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Modern Web Social Icons

By SimekOneLove
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Modern Web Social Icons

Set of 98 social web icons inspired by HTML 5 logo. Icons are easy to edit and customize – ideal for your website.

Now Modern Web Social icons are available on the Graphic River! You can buy them for the commercial use + PSD is included! [link]

Package on deviantART contains only 64px icons and CANNOT be used in commercial projects!

Package includes icons for:
aim, aol, appstore, appstore [V2], bebo, behance, blogger, creattica, crunchbase, delicious, designfloat, designmoo, designmoo [V2], deviantart, deviantart [V2], digart, diigo, digg, dopplr, dribbble, ember, esl, evernote, facebook, fav, flickr, forrst, fotolog, foursquare, foursquare [V2], github, google+, google+ [V2 dark], google+ [V2 light], google+ [V3], google+ [V4], gowalla, graphicriver, grooveshark, hyves, icq, issuu, itunes, jabber, lastfm, like, linkedin, love, mail, mail [V2], map, meetup, metacafe, mixcloud, mixx, mobileme, mobileme [V2], msn, myspace, netlog, netvibes, newsvine, orkut, picasa, posterous, psn, psn [V2], qik, reddit, rss, skype, slashdot, soundcloud, steam, stumbleuppon, tagged, talk, techcrunch, technorati, threadless, thumblr, twitter, twitter [V2], viadeo, viddler, vimeo, vimeo [V2], virb, web, weheartit, weheartit [V2], wordpress, xing, yahoo, yelp, youtube and zerply.

All free icons (see preview) are included into DA archive.

If you need some others icons just leave me comment and I include them in the next release!

Comments or faves are appreciated! ; )
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Am i able to use this in my Stream? I am only using maybe 5 of these icons, And eventually i may be making money with Subscribers, Do i need to pay for these? Or is it alright if i use the free version?
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very nice!
(google) "talk" icon is depreciated, and is now called/replaced with
(google) "hangouts" and has a green speech bubble like icon
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Nice work !
Please can you update with the 500px icon ?
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hey, I need for instagram too.
really urgent, please email me

willing to pay

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Hey, very nice set but I'm missing Steam and Wikipedia ;)
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VK (B) is missing but awesomeee
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Thank you so much I have brought your pack from and currently using it in my youtube channel "[link]"
I just wanted to leave you a message as thanks and keep up the awesome work. :D
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These are awesome!
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absolutely flawless. i think the little shields are so clean and simple. different to all the regular square and round social icons that are being done.

i would love it if you could do icons for 8tracks, amazon & pinterest though? I found quite a few sets with the second two in them, but nobody has done 8tracks yet.

(8tracks is still pretty new to the web, i think. it's a site for people to post and listen to music the old 8 track tapes, but for the net. it's been getting really popular recently)
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really good looking icons, you did a very well job on these!
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Love this set. Can you update with a spotify icon?
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Thanks to a very successful
Nickname90's avatar
Amazing .. Really Very Nice . . .
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I really like these a lot, the only thing that I would need added before I purchased the set would be Instagram. But I do love them! Let me know when you add Instagram and I'm all over it!
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I forgot :
A bing icon

and it's really nice
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Could u add Skydrive, koding, imgur, picasa and webs icons plz ?
Links : [link]
[link] (there's an april fools joke so don't do it today)
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Stackoverflow would be very nice
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Really nice icons!
REQUEST:Can you please make icon for Xfire? [link]
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XFire icon is in thepackage, and You can get it free [link] ; )
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yeah, thanks! my bad )
can i use your icons in my project?
you will get all copyrights.
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If you bought those icons on GraphicRiver (link in the description) you can use them on every commercial project you want.
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Hi Simek!

Can I get permission to add these icons to ?

Best regards,
Martin LeBlanc
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Great icon set! Any chance you can include a CrunchBase icon?

[link] Their favicon is the closest thing they have to a logo.

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