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The Sims 2- Deus Ex Human Revolution Loading Music

This is replacement music for Sims 2, using Square Enix's Futuristic Deus Ex Human Revolution music, which is sort of similar to Tron Legacy.

Here are the songs that you will hear when loading your game, except my versions are of much higher quality, because mine were from the Games Soundtrack.



This is a replacement for your Sims 2 games loading music, if you use this you have to replace your current expansion packs file. Always make a backup though. There is no Background replacement though.

Step one - Go to Computer/Program Files/EA Games/Current Sims 2 Game/TSdata/Res/Sound

Step two - Now you see a file called Splash this file is the load screen music, now copy it and past it somewhere for backup.

Step three - Okay now place the file I made into the sound folder, it will ask you if you'd like to replace it, say yes.

Step four - Now start the game you are finished, enjoy your game :D

Make sure you only replace your current expansions Splash file though, lets say you have Sims 2, then you bought open for business, then you would go to open for business's sound file and place the file in its sound folder.
If you have just Sims 2 (the base game) then you would replace its Splash file.

Lets say you have all expansions and stuff packs, then you would have to replace Apartment Life's Splash file. And make a backup of your games Splash file just in case. Hope you understand everything, now have fun!

DOWNLOAD HERE: [link] (So far 8 people have downloaded this)

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I am using this!