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My New Link Sim - Version 2 - By Simdrew1993

This Picture is Outdated See Newer Version 


Link Is Available For Download!!!

Link Download here:

Dark Link here…

NOTE: You may need to download the image in order to see everything.

This is my second version of Link based more towards the Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Link, This Link Sim was made by doing Extensive edits on my Original Link Sim, I need feedback, good or bad. Please comment, anything you have on your mind please say it. My good friend Hayley also helped me with redoing links face. I thought that fixing my old Link would be a good idea, so I did. And also, because I just wasn't happy with my original Link sim, I had released him unfinished, so I felt he needed work.


Simdrew1993 I created the SSBB blonde Hair Recolor, Links Skin recolor, eyes, and face. I also Created the Ganondorf Sim.

Hayley - Helped me sculpt Links face, Thanks again Hayley.

RaonSims - Created original TP Link Brown Hair, and mesh.

Enayla - Original Skin mesh by her, I just edited it to look more like Link, I changed it a lot. I believe she is the original skin creator, not entirely sure.

Rockxxshow - Created Links TP Tunic and hat.

Medrops - Created Links Sword, Shield and Belt.

GnatGoSplat - Created the Princess Zelda Sim

TheJim07 - Created the Triforce Handmarks

TommyTiger - Created Links tunic mesh and hat mesh

Kitiara - Elf Ears Morning Light

MYOS - created Blonde Hair and Mesh

The Legend Of Zelda And All Characters and trademarks are of Nintendo - All Rights Reserved.

EA/Maxis - All Rights Reserved.

And credits to anyone I missed.

I fixed his face greatly, I reworked the nose, and mouth and eyes, along with the face shape.
Some pictures of him are Adult and some are Teen, I managed to get his face to stay the same even after aging from Teen to Adult so he will stay the same, it was very difficult getting that to be possible I didn't think it could happen but it did, I played the game and aged him and I didn't even notice much of a change, the good thing is I was able to make him keep his Teenage Youth even after becoming an Adult, what's really weird is he doesn't look like an Adult until he ages to elder, but it's kinda like he has no Elder age because he never gets too old.

I tested him with his standard Twilight Princess Brown hair, my SSBB hair edit, and a Blonde hair to see what he'd look like.

Also since I updated Link, Dark Link got an Update also.

But Please, I need feedback, So let me know what you all think, if there are any suggestions, change requirements, or word of advice, or just simple comments or compliments feel free, any feedback good or bad, your comments help me to improve my work, and I also like comments, anything at all. All comments are welcome.
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He looks so awesome. Can't wait for him to be added for download.