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My Bio

Artwork is myself drawn by my friend who kindly accepted my commission. PDC


If you Favorited my work or have given me a Llama Badge Thank you I get so many favorites It's impossible for me to track you all down individually! So you have my gratitude!

My Bio: Hi, my name is Andrew, or Simdrew... I'm sure you already figured that out by now. And I like long walks on the beach, Pina-Coladas, lol ok I'm just kidding, about me well I'm generally a positive, nice, fun, creative person, mostly chill, can be goofy at times, serious, honest, and sometimes full of jokes, only if I'm in a very good mood and sense that you like humor as well, if not then I'm usually quiet and keep to myself speak only when spoken to kinda guy respectfully, I'm still nice though. I'm known to always see the best in a bad situation and the worst in a good one, I try to be optimistic. In general I like to listen to others more than to speak myself. If you don't know this I've got a history of severe migraine headaches, If my migraines are bad I isolate myself away and it causes my personality to become sad, grim, very different almost like all life in me is gone, my migraines are soul suckers. Roughly almost 4 days a week, sometimes 4 guaranteed sometimes even full weeks I get them and sometimes I don't.. even if I don't have say a severe migraine most of the time I'll at least have a headache. I have them often however even on bad days they can go away, sometimes they don't want to, When they do I'm no longer in a Zombie state, I'm a person once more. I've shortened my bio may add everything back later here as it was or make a Wikipedia.

The Legend of Zelda - Ganondorf Quotes Brought to Life - Simdrew1993


I created my online persona originally as just Drew1993 years back, in my beginning Sims days of Sims 2 on ModTheSims, after a couple years of creators feedback and help trying to make the best Twilight Princess Ganondorf sim for Sims 2, training to be a better artist and sculptor I was successful. Then just before this I believe I requested for the mods to change my name to Simdrew1993. I'm thinking I was already set up as Simdrew1993 on YouTube before all this where I posted Sims videos at first, and Perfect Dark N64 Videos, then I started posting my Voice Over Videos, ever since I was a small child I've always had talent for many voices. I wasn't sure what I was doing at first but I posted my Ganondorf Voice impression of what I imagined in my head he'd sound like, I tried to mimic an Actor from ZREO - Zelda Re-Orchestrated Soundscapes, and after a couple years of trying my voice got real deep, and I developed my own sinister Ganondorf voice. Originally on one of my first videos in 2010 it sounded funny and need fx to sound menacing and deep, yet in 2011 it started to sound like Scar from Lion King, then in 2013 it got real deep and practically became it's own Voice which eventually become well known and very popular and has been featured in numerous Zelda animations and videos all throughout YouTube for different creators, Including 3D Animator RwanLink. And many positive comments on my video in 2013 wishing I worked for Nintendo, as do I.

My life goal since I was a child:

My life goal is to be a voice actor for many companies someday. I am an unofficial voice actor, until I maybe one day work for a company, the only way I could see this ever happening is if someone from some random company contacted me. I am actually kinda disappointed because not enough people have seen my voice over talent, algorithms are hard to meet these days. So I appreciate any support you can give here or on YouTube, you help a person get one more step towards accomplishing his dreams and making them a reality. If I decided to take up a project it all depends on whether I'm interested in it or not first. I am really wanting to be a well known Voice Actor though I realize that I can't do it all on my own, I need others like maybe you, that like my work who are willing to help me make things happen. So feel free, to help me by supporting me, like following me and sharing my videos lol. And if you are a company PLEASE look into my work, consider watching my videos. Even simply adding positive feedback makes my day. You won't be disappointed.

Here you can view some of my Voice Acting work:

I highly Recommend you watch my videos in HD for best sound/video Quality. Aside from my video the videos I've done for others, including comics and 3D animation are the best, better than my content.Feel free to subscribe, comment or like any of my videos..Truly would mean the world to me! :)

This Dragon video there on my YouTube is an example of how my new studio quality sound recording is, starts with my old poor quality then transcends to the new.

If you ever have questions or anything about my Voice Acting I'd be glad to talk about it. Feel free to explore my YouTube and click the Like button if you enjoy my work. Please subscribe if you can, it always helps me. I also appreciate it if you watch me here or anywhere else I may be. Support is always appreciated, thanks! : )


If you'd like to give points to me click here, I usually donate them to artists that I believe have potential and need them:…

I've always been big about donating, helping the poor and supporting charities. In fact I'm even an Organ Donor myself.


My Personality:

I'm a simple guy, though it's kinda hard to describe a person on the internet. I am often told I'm down to Earth, I enjoy talking to people, I like humor especially making jokes, I like talking but prefer listening more, I'm pretty quiet until I get to know ya, I like being in sunlight it is pretty nice, inspiration, people, making friends, internet, food, swimming, basketball, baseball, throwing a football, I'm easy going. Everything just about. If I suffer from a Migraine I usually go into Zombie/ Vampire mode and avoid everything in life I get them hereditarily having them on almost a day to day basis, ... it's not a choice though I have to avoid life when it happens. People have asked me how do you stay positive and so nice all the time? How do you have such a good personality if you suffer from so much head pain I'd be grouchy feeling the opposite if I were in your shoes, I just say well... It's hard sometimes.. it honestly is! Life is way too important for me to let anything ruin it, you only live once and I'm not gonna let anything keep me down, I will admit it's a struggle sometimes but I'm not gonna let this ruin who I am or what I enjoy doing. It just means I get to do less, and require long breaks to recover.

"How I Got My Name"

My user name is Simdrew1993 because I play Sims 2 a lot, and Sim is also a name used in Rare's Perfect Dark for enemy cpu's, (computers/bots/cpus) so I thought that would be perfect, and Andrew is my real name but a several years ago my older cousin started calling me Drew, and not long after that, everyone has called me Drew for short. some people still call me by my full name though... but not many, and as for the 1993 that was my date of birth, and also my Birthday, my Birthday is January 9th of 1993, yeah I know, 1/9/93 that's kind of funny isn't it well yeah, you see where I got the idea, so then I became (Simdrew1993)


My sites that I can be found on.

I'm on most Social Networking Websites, so please follow me or Like me on any of my pages if you like my Sims, my Voice Acting, Perfect Dark Videos, Zelda Videos, or anything I'm for, always appreciate support and friendship it and helps a ton!

My Tumblr

My Facebook:…

Facebook is where I would uploaded mostly just Sims pictures and content,

My YouTube…

The Start of of my Simdrew1993 online presence, YouTube is where I uploaded random game videos or Voice Acting videos.

My Twitter

I used Twitter every now and then. Some Videos I voice for get posted there.

My Blogspot

I don't use Blogspot much these days.

My ModTheSims

I used to upload Sims there, it's where my Online presence started.

Please click the Facebook like button on my ModTheSims page, if you view my page that is. And if you download something Please try to remember to click the Thank you button before or after Downloading on ModTheSims, it gives appreciation to me for making your Sims experience more epic and motivates me to do more for you all.

Support such as Following, Liking, or Subscribing to me on these sites above helps me a lot as well, I'd greatly appreciate if you choose to. Smile for KashaPaw


My Tragic Story:

Back in October of 2011 my life was scary I had a horrible back condition, everyday I was in severe pain because at in between the ages of 14 and 15 I developed Scoliosis over the years, and my body got more and more curved and the pain was getting worse each day and every day life activities became harder to do, I eventually went into a state of depression. I had been seeing a Doctor for my spine for a while but then I decided it was time to have surgery I was afraid because spinal surgery is one of the most difficult operations for a person to have, well I wanted to make sure I had the right Dr. and well the Dr. I had, had done many operations but not very much to be experienced so I kept seeing more and more Dr's and then I found one in Saint Louis he has done thousands of operations and had no bad feedback and was on the top of Americas Health-board so I had my operation October 4th 2011, I was in the Hospital for 2 weeks and had to stay in Saint Louis for a 3rd week because my body wouldn't have been able to tolerate the car ride home, took me a while to recover but I am feeling much better pain wise than I did and now I have a almost normal curvature and body makes me so happy! All my life I have never experienced chills or fear from a movie or epic music before because of my spine and now I can! I find those feelings kinda strange. I can do heavy lifting and some work now, sometimes just not much. Still I do get spinal pain though so can't do too much, whereas before surgery it would kill me to do, anything really.

Almost forget to mention I had minor Kyphosis that developed with the Scoliosis which is rounding of the spine on the back, that too was corrected it was small compared to my Scoliosis. Surgery yielded remarkable results. You can see that if you look at my shoulder in my old zoo picture. I also developed Mild Stenosis in the neck around 2017, basically it's like Arthritis, and my neck and shoulders are often in pain from it sadly and tense up, it requires muscle relaxers and tylenol.

Because of my migraines though I'm currently unable to do hard physical labor, my back needs more exercise since I'm often sick, it gets sore since I'm laying down in the dark so frequently, if I didn't have the migraines and could feel well my back would be in great shape with less soreness or tenseness, exercise does make it stronger so taking walks is a must. The pain I have now after surgery can get bad at times, but is very little in comparison to the severity of the pain which was before. Surgery truly was one of the best decisions I've ever made if not the hardest.

Note: So my message is, if you have Scoliosis follow through with your doctor and do everything you can possible and use surgery as a last resort, and if you do have to have surgery I recommend my doctor in Saint Louis, another side note don't let a doctor who shaves out the hip bone do your operation, highly advise against it trust me on this my doctor preserves it so the body still has flexibility many others don't do this, some wish to have surgery in their home states with inexperienced doctors just to be closer to their families, trust me this isn't good in the long run it will ruin your life, you can still see them later trust me, many say this... I understand it may be nice to see family and friends though this decision will last a lifetime so think carefully, ask you want family and friends visiting for a little while just for small happiness and then being in pain for years to come, or would you rather have a feel good body later that you can take back home and share memories with loved ones doing what you love, shaved off hip bones will lead to intense pain I've spoken to some who were miserable because of this. Exercise, always exercise, even little walks after surgery will make you feel wonderful.

If you have any questions regarding Scoliosis, Kyphosis or Stenosis I'd be more than happy to assist. Feel free to message me about it anytime.

Thanks for reading. End Of My Story.

My deviantART Policy:

If you use my work for anything please leave a link back to my profile here if you can and please list all my social media links so others can find me, please list me in your credits or both if possible, also feel free to let me know what you make, I may be interested in seeing whatever you made with my work. ;D

My Sims 2, Sims 4, Fallout, Skyrim, ECT - All Games Policy:

Please post those pictures! I must see sims in other peoples pictures! Or my other creations in screenshots. One primary reason why I made them. I encourage it! I wanna see my Sims take over da world!

Ok, so for my Sims and other uploaded creations I encourage you to use them in your videos and pictures, movies and stories, be creative and have fun! If you do use them please credit me, you wouldn't have to add a link or anything just text, but if you did I'd be even more grateful, I know many of you normally forget to add credits but keep in mind that I made these creations for all of you from the greatness of my mind & kindness of heart... not for myself, for the world, and it seriously helps me a lot having my Username spread around, you'd have no idea how happy it'd make me lol and feel free to leave me a comment and show me, I'd love to see whatever it is you come up with or make. As for my projects for several games, dates and times of the download release is usually classified and top secret, time's could vary from long to short, and some projects may not get uploaded, it's all depending on the project and how far along I get with it. If I have come up with a release date I will usually make an announcement. But if you wish to you may ask about it in the meantime then maybe I could hopefully answer any questions that you might have.


Note: One more thing, keep in mind, that if you remove me from your watch I may do the same to you and remove you from my watch as well, hate doing that because it feels mean, if you do it to me it though sadly that proves to me you no longer support my Voice Acting/Art or wish to be friends with me, so losing a watcher is not a good thing for anyone, so I suggest if we're watching eachother and care for eachother, that we continue watching eachother.


Foxtrot - Wow! Wow - Not bad - Impressive You're still here!!? WOW! Anyway, thank you so much for reading! Grin revamp

Favourite Visual Artist
Leonardo Da vinci, And many of the Renaissance Artists, And Artists of Today who continue to create our future. I especially like Futuristic designs or very realistic, and idealistic interpretations of our world. Anything that makes the mind boggle.
Favourite Movies
Too many to list, Lord Of The Rings + hobbit, Star Wars Series, Harry Potter Series, I-Robot,Eagle Eye, Vantage Point, Olympus Has Fallen, World War Z, I am Legend, Elf, Step Brothers, Liar Liar, Billy Madison, Dark Knight, Narnia Series, And many others.
Favourite TV Shows
I watch TV sometimes but I prefer watching movies. Let's see....The Walking Dead especially , Family Guy sometimes, Spongebob, Most ID Channel shows, History, A Haunting, UFO Alien shows, Superman and Batman Animated Series. Whatever I find on I suppose.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I like just about any kind of music pretty much depends on my mood, but as for video game OST composers, Koji Kondo, Bruce Falconer, Grant Kirkhope, Deus Ex Revolution team, Mass effect 1,2,3, team, Dragon age 1,2,3 team, Zelda Team, many others....
Favourite Books
Internet? lol :) I don't know, I don't read books very often.
Favourite Writers
William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, J. R. R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, C. S. Lewis, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, BioWare, Mac Walters, Neil Pollner, Chris Hepler, Director Casey Hudson, Producer Jesse Houston, Mass Effect Team, Dragon Age team
Favourite Games
Any Legend Of Zelda, Perfect Dark N64/XBLA, Perfect Dark Zero, Skyrim, Any Mario game,The Sims 2, Dues Ex Human Revolution, Golden-Eye N64, Mario Party games, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Melee, Mass Effect 1, 2, 3, Dragon Age 1,2,3 Hitman BM,Final Fantasy
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Xbox One+360 PS2, N64, Gamecube, Wii, I especially like role playing games! Anything with either great graphics or a great story, and if not the best graphics that's fine, as long as the Gameplay is good. I like replay value. I like immersion.
Tools of the Trade
I'm good at making real people and Zelda characters as Sims for The Sims 2. I do graphical design for Sims 2, and create many textures to create Sim accurate characters. I also do Voice Acting, until I'm contacted to work for a company officially someday.
Other Interests
Voicing, Sims, Making new friends, Meeting people, Talking to People. I Joined DA because I found deviant Art interesting and thought it would be the perfect place to show my sim creations and art, so far I am glad I joined, everyone is so welcoming :)
Hey everyone, Simdrew1993 here, I've been wanting to do this for a while so here I present to you my own special archive filled with most of my best Sims creations and Builds for Sims 4. If I eventually get download pages all over online for them they will likely link back here. I may add thumbnails here, who knows. Feel free to download whatever you like and most of all have fun! :) Tags: #Sims #TheSims4 #Downloads #CustomContent #CC #Simdrew1993Sims #Sims4Anime #Sims4Celebs #Sims4VideoGameSims #Sims4Politicians #Sims4Characters - Simdrew1993 List of Sims, not all images may be available, and some sims may not be downloadable: Agent 47 V1 Agent 47 V2 Agent 74 Hitwomen (Evil clone who wants to destroy her bald adversary) Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) Chandra (Perfect Dark) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) Twilight Princess Dark Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda) Twilight Princess (TP)
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Today marks my 11 year anniversary since I had my spinal fusion surgery for my back 11 years ago in Saint Louis to correct my Kypho-Scoliosis, crazy to think I'd be dead now had I not done it. Best decision I ever made. Sadly not all could be corrected. I have my good days and my bad days. Going strong! Not dead #Scoliosis Here are my X-Rays before and After Spinal Fusion Back surgery. ------------------------------ This first X-Ray image was before my surgery, Pre-Op, Kyphosis and Scoliosis - KyphoScoliosis. If I wouldn't have gone through with surgery, I was told I'd be dead eventually by my spine piercing through my heart and lungs These next few images below are my Spine After my Spinal Fusion Back Surgery, correcting T3-L4. As you can see there is still slight curvature that could not all be corrected, most was. About 20% to 30% could not be corrected. So I still have my good days and my bad days. These are all images from my Spinal Fusion correcting my KyphoScoliosis
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Is it just me or does the Internet feel kinda dead lately??? People don't interact with eachother or comment anymore.

3 votes
Yes, definitely! It's a real ghost town Britney Spears okay
Nope, it's just you bub. genesisthatsgreatplz
I haven't noticed, maybe. Ehh?
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How are you holding up with the stay home initiative? Ah I missed your b-day! Happy belated b-day man!

I'm doing ok, bored... Shrek - Bored Shrek Icon miss being out and about... haven't been able to do voice work as much... and got lots of projects to do, neighbors are all home now and mowers going and about cause they all are bored and stir crazy I think... :( so my quiet I normally have isn't as much... and since people are home barkey dogs are out, kids playing, and people that normally aren't home, and city started construction on the roads nearby ugh,

I'm like the Grinch getting annoyed with the noise noise noise How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Mad Grinch Icon

now but recording is nearly impossible, every now and then I get a quiet day here and there, shame, sounds like the VO industry isn't doing well either with this virus about cause too many people are around everywhere...

I have to diet now cause right before this whole Coronavirus started getting bad I got a call from my doctor saying I had prediabetes and I guess I'm pretty close to having actual diabetes it's pretty bad, said I'm climbing close, and my blood sugar has spiked... I felt like my life ended that day.. But now I'm doing better physically. My body feels sick if I eat carbs now haha F2U | Izuku / Deku (UA Sports Uniform) | BNHA .

Prediabetes makes me high risk for Covid-19...not good. So I've had to exercise and change my entire way of life and I lost 20 Lbs this past month yay. :w00t:Out for a jog Blankface Workout Eating healthy is a little more expensive but really not as costly as I was afraid of.. Dieting is hard now because it means I have to go to the store more, or order groceries.. which is risky... so trying to be careful, I eat very low carb now and my mom is doing it too.. And my mom is a nurse so I'm worried about her. My aunt is a nurse too, this worries me. Thanks for the late Happy Birthday. Hope you guys are doing well!

Dang that all sucks. I hope things get better for you. I hope you don't end up diabetic. That is scary. Great job losing the weight! <B Sorry about the VA stuff though :( I hope your family stays safe. I wish them well.

No problem. Sorry I missed it!!! <B 

Yeah, it does suck.. Thanks I hope I don't get diabetes either, trying everything I can to prevent it. In order to prevent it, I have to permanently diet.

Thanks, I'm gonna keep working on losing more weight lol. laughing

Thanks, yeah it is what it is, hopefully I'll be able to get back into recording again at some point once things go back to normal. Thank you, hope you all stay safe too. These are strange times we live in.

No worries. :)

Happy Birthday, Simdrew!!! May we each have awesome birthdays and a great year to come! 
Birthday cake  icon 

Thank you Slade! Ah mine wasn't the best this year I had a bad headache, so I didn't go out to celebrate like I normally do. Hope yours was good at least. My Oldest Brother is taking me out to celebrate this coming weekend.

:D And yes a great new year to the both of us! (Cheers!) Emoticon Fireworks Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 FIREWORKS!

Ah, that sucks! Well its never too late to celebrate! My family celebrates whole Birthday weeks haha. I think my brother's birthday lasted all of December come to think of it...